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  1. PT81. I have to stop by and look at your truck one of these weekends to get a visual of the bed mounting and some other gray areas I have.
  2. It’s been one month so here is an update. Snow and cold weather is slowing me down a bit but I refuse to stop. Had to put the bikes out in the cold under a tent and have the truck in the garage now. Did some painting in the tent with the bikes covered. Worse possible conditions 37* and raining 95% humidity and I have no clue what I’m doing. LOL. Here is some photos of the progress. Kids got me the front chrome pieces for Christmas. I have new interior and weather strips for windows and doors. Shouldn’t be much longer now that I’m indoors
  3. Just my luck! I wanted a truck to match my Bike and every single one I see online is that color. Now I get the news there is a guy a few miles away that has the same truck and colors. Beautiful truck by the way. Lol
  4. It’s redline red single stage from Eastwood. It’s the second time I ever painted a vehicle. First time was in the spring 67 Chevy C10 (In my driveway) a lot of wet sanding and buffing. I would say I’m a sander not a painter. Just like my profession (ironworker/welder) weld, grind. Paint then sand. LOL
  5. So my picture files where way to large. But I figured out how to shrink them. here is a few more
  6. So my picture files where way to large. But I figured out how to shrink them.
  7. Hello All, I picked up a 47 WC dodge truck in October and new absolutely nothing about the flathead six. Since October I’ve picked up a used flathead six, installed it into truck, rebuilt ball and ball carburetor, cleaned up starter, and the motor fired right up. I’ve got a coat of paint onto the cab since the cold weather is arriving in PA. Ordered some fiberglass fenders, can’t take the banging anymore from hammering out the dents on the old fenders LOL Ive learned a hell of a lot in a little over a month now from this forum and just diving into it. I would like to thank everyone
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