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  1. Thank you Ken, I am pretty sure my Front wheels sometimes look like 3 deg camber with tops out too much. Here are some pics to help judge..though as I look at these pics it doesn’t seem too much camber, but at certain angles of view it sure is apparent the tire tops re out too much compared to bottom of tire . I’m interested to see how shims work if you or anyone has pics of shim placement.
  2. Hello All, I recently corrected the toe alignment on my 1/2 ton. Wandering is much less. But my weeks still really seem cambered with the top of tires out more than bottoms. Especially passengers. No accidents. Does anyone have good experience in the alignment specs on these 47 WC 1/2 ton pickups? Bearings are tight/no slop. King pins not obviously loose. Any detailed alignment tips appreciated. truck does still wander a bit. New radial tires on front and proper toe in has helped a bit.
  3. Yes I thought exactly this idea as well, weld the surface are just a bit. I already sealed all mounting bolts & gasket, but still a sizable leak. Thanks for the good ideas
  4. I would agree with these thoughts of bushing the original or better yet leaving original as a decoy and using electric pump. While talking about Sealing oil leaks, anybody have experience changing rear main seal top & bottom without pulling engine?
  5. Hum, not following that logic. More so wondering what vehicles the 12 oval hole artillery rim was used on and similarly what vehicles the 10 oval artillery rim was used on.
  6. Correct, mopar type artillery rims like pic 1&2 use hubcap w clips on cap. Looking to figure out the original style caps tgat would go with those on a WC truck
  7. Hello All, Any insight on artillery rims appreciated: Can someone shed light on the below 3 types and what truck/car they were most commonly found on. 1) The 10 punched oval dodge rims pic1 2) The 12 punched oval dodge rims pic2 and did these above come with hubcaps Designed for 1/2 ton trucks? Any pic of proper truck hubcap to use with above? 3) The more well known artillery rims with actual spoke cutouts Pic3 additional question: where can I buy the proper most durable hubcap spring clips that are rivitted on rims?
  8. Hello, I have been cleaning my engine and looking for each oil leak to solve each one slowly. Valve tappet covers sealed. But I notice oil from the fuel pump itself. I sealed the mounting interface to engine but no luck. Seems like oils leaks from the pivot pin that goes through the pump housing. Bad design. Anyone find a good solution or a good replacement fuel pump w original look.
  9. Agreed, I wanted to change my tie rod joints but no NOS available that I know of, and I can’t imagine tolerances of new ones or durability would be better than what I currently have.
  10. Hello all, Does anyone know where I can buy NOS ball joints and steering linkage joints for my 47 dodge WC? I just put new tires and want to tighten up all joints & steering.
  11. Thanks Ed for helping a fellow out giving some direction. I appreciate the guidance! nice people rule Kevin
  12. Does anyone have a Rear Bumper For my 1947 1/2 WC. I’m looking to buy a used one. Also does anyone know how to determine from the vin number if my rear main bearing seal is one price accessible from bell housing end or if it’s the type that’s built into the main bearing cap? I’m trying to seal up all my oil leaks without removal of engine. Thank you!
  13. Rear Bumper Dodge Truck WC WD View Advert Wanted: Rear Bumper WC/ WD 1940-47 Dodge Truck Advertiser Life is Good Date 07/05/2021 Price $1 Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  14. Time Left: 1 day and 20 hours

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    Wanted: Rear Bumper WC/ WD 1940-47 Dodge Truck


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