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  1. Hello Mr Adams, Do you have pictures of the grey glass you hade custom made for your vehicle ? I’d like to get new glass for my 47 dodge WC truck. If you have the contact info for the glass shop you used please let me know. thanks Kevin
  2. 1937-39 or 1940-47 Dodge or Plymouth Truck Wanted View Advert Hello, I’m looking for a complete truck: 1937-39 Dodge or Plymouth or International or 1940-47 Dodge or Plymouth Truck or 1940-41 Ford My Cell is 714-944-6904 email: 17491property@gmail.com Thank you! Kevin Advertiser Life is Good Date 04/07/2021 Price $1 Category
  3. Time Left: 16 days and 6 hours

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    Hello, I’m looking for a complete truck: 1937-39 Dodge or Plymouth or International or 1940-47 Dodge or Plymouth Truck or 1940-41 Ford My Cell is 714-944-6904 email: 17491property@gmail.com Thank you! Kevin


    - US

  4. Hi Ed.... hummm... really the 3/4 actually had smaller 15’s? Or do the 15’s actually end up somehow being taller? I’m also currently deciding between the original artillery rims vs the more popular artillery rims
  5. Hello all, I’m getting new white wall tires and artillery rims For my 47 Dodge WC1/2 ton. I wanted to see what the majority of people with these trucks like on them 16 or 17 inch wheels? If anyone has comparison photos with 16 vs 17 please post. I recently saw a 47 dodge 3/4 ton and it seemed a bit taller than mine which I like. (Looking for another WC) So an addition question for anyone who really knows, what’s the differences between 1/2 and 3/4 ton dodges in the 40’s era? I’m certain only differences are suspension and trans? Body dimensions all the same cor
  6. Hello, does anybody know the measurements for hand crank for 1940-47 dodge WC 1/2 ton? And the steel diameter and pin diameter? And pin location relative to end of crank rod thanks
  7. Anybody know where I can buy NOS bolts for my WC 1947 dodge 1/2 ton. Need the bolts that connect the universal joint flange to the emergency break drum at the front of drive shaft. these bolts are 1-1/4 in long and seem to be 24 thread. But if anyone has good used ones please let me know if you can spare some originals bolts & nuts
  8. Do you guys know if the rear bumbers from 48-53 are the same overall dimention & shape. Ifsny of you have one for 40-47 let me know please. Thanks.
  9. Im extracting the broken stud, so i drilled the center of stud out and i was hesitant to just try any tap without knowing proper specs. Anyway i went in with a 1/4 coarse tap and that was perfect, got clean original threads again. And the old residual stud threads spiraled out. Life is good once again. So if anyone asks you during thanksgiving dinner what size stud fits into a 40’s flathead 6 heat riser adjustment deelio.... you can tell em 1/4 coarse. They will be thankful I'm sure.
  10. Does anyone know the specs on the stud that goes into the exhaust manifold to adjust the intake heater baffle? I believe the portion of stud tgat goes into the cast iron manifold is a coarse thread vs fine for the end sticking out with brass nut. I need to know the thread specs inside tge manifold.
  11. Here are the recomended truck manual valve creances:
  12. Does anyone know where i can get a set of 16x6 or 16x5 artillary rims for my WC10 truck ? Bolt pattern is 4.5in x 5 lug. Also curios how to determin the need for spacers to move the rim out for tge best original look. Is there a standard measurment amount thst the wheeks are to be within the edge ofbthe fender outter wall ? Thanks
  13. Found this: "In the late 1960's, Fred Hone marketed and sold the Hone-O-Drive, an overdrive unit he had been developing for four years. Opening the Hone Manufacturing Company in Santa Fe Springs, California, Fred designed and built this self-contained, fully lubricated, 2-speed synchromesh planetary transmission that is manually shifted from 1:1 Direct Drive to a 1.43:1 (or 1.47:1, depending on which article you read) Overdrive. This effectively changed a car with a 4.11 rear axle ratio into one with a 2.87 ratio. Engagement/disengagement is supposed to be available at any time with no n
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