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  1. While rebuilding the steerimg box, 48 P15, I discovered that the left front lower control arm bushing has alot of play....alot...(been chasing death wobble), the upper has slight play, tie rod ends are ok, RF suspension is good, left front wheel will jump off the pavement at inopportune times....can these bushings be replaced with the arms on the car? Are they pressed in? What are some of the issues I might run into? Car is undriveable at this point, also, feel like I am digging a hole at times with expense of this project....thanks
  2. Ha ha ha....got it, you are right about it being counter intuitive....thanks!
  3. It does, thanks....I'll try that tomorrow....
  4. Was there supposed to be a pic in your reply? Just an X shows up....the spring goes below the brass 3 spoke thing? How does it give the horn ring it's spring effect?..
  5. 48 p15 custom deluxe, trying to remount horn ring, button....where does the spring go?, it has the 3 spoke horn ring, pics not same in manual, I stared at it and tried to assemble every way I can think of....stumped...thanks
  6. There are only so many "old" " classic" cars out there...the chevy and ford prices have been jacked up, now it's mopars turn? Might put my p15 out there and test the waters....still sorting it out
  7. Compression ratio really affects cranking requirements....
  8. Great stuff...thanks, I'll remove shaft, lube it up, if it doesn't cure the vibration, upgrade makes the most sense....crazy how quickly the parts bill can add up....I figure I could have 5-8 thou more in this thing than it is worth when I'm done
  9. Saw repair kit for $263...ouch....new shaft with new style u joints $450...
  10. 48 P15, high frequency vibration in your seat at higher speeds, has the old non typical u-joint style, repairable? Better to get new shaft built? What have you all done to make it smooth? Thanks!
  11. Got it! Started from scratch, drove car, brake pedal got firmer and firmer, brake lights stayed on, put car up on 4 jackstands, all 4 wheels really dragging, sucked juice from master cylinder, took a 1/32 drill bit and stuck it into tiny drain back hole, fluid shot up about a foot! All wheels free, I remember blowing out the two holes while rebuilding the master cylinder, but I probably just jammed more crap into it...when I let car back down, it just about rolled out of the barn by itself...thanks to all the assist....now to deal with loose steering and moderate death wobble....
  12. I think there is only one spring on the rear brakes...
  13. Thanks, wasn't sure which one was the correct one......this project has certainly had it's share of surprises....
  14. Return spring removed from 48 P15, RIDICULOUS effort to remove, and I have the right tools and know how to use them....different from springs on three other wheels, still chasing dragging brake issue....seems WAY too short, anybody with comparable car have one they can measure? Thanks
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