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  1. I replaced my shocks today on the long shot it might fix the passenger side sag in the rear, I knew it wouldn't but it needed done anyway. So with that said I have a 2" sag on my passenger side and need to replace the leaf springs. I've looked into having them re-tempered or re-built but wondering if anyone has a source for a direct fit replacement on a 1950 P20?
  2. If you're handy with a needle you could always get foam and material from the local craft store, or hit up an upholsterer it's a fairly simple job so it shouldn't cost much. my foam and fabric for my seats only ran me a little south of $200.
  3. Still positive ground. It is directly wired, I'll be moving it later today.
  4. Still 6 positive ground, that small wire coming off my positive is a ground going to my Auto-choke. The wire off the alternator goes to the negative post but I'm moving it later today as was recommended
  5. I'll give it a try in the morning thanks for advice
  6. got the alternator in and wired up, it's putting out 7.5 volts on my volt meter but the ammeter is sitting a neutral but if I hit my head lights it show a discharge, so I don't think that's working quite right just yet but it'll get figured out eventually. Thanks again for the recommendation @Sam Buchanan and the advice on that bracket I really appreciate it.
  7. One last question, Did you make your bracket or did you find one that fit? My alternator came in the mail tonight after being "lost" for the last 20 days
  8. Well I just ordered one, I'm still going to have my generator and regulator rebuilt but I'll put them on a shelf for a back up. Is the wire with the inline fuse the one coming up from the alternator?
  9. That's pretty cool, I'll consider that in the future for sure. Good looking out
  10. I have a regulator sitting in a cart for purchase just in case and I'm pulling the old one out to take to get tested tomorrow
  11. Thanks for the quick responses, definitely helped with a decision. Rebuild it is.
  12. noticed the other night that my amp meter always seemed to be on the negative side, didn't think it was that a big of a deal until this morning when I ran a diagnostic on my battery and found it was below 40%. so I go to look at the generator and sure enough it wasn't putting out enough to charge. go to take it out and one of the posts just comes right off (picture included). Basically what I want to know is rebuild or replace? if rebuild what kit would you recommend? if replace what option would you recommend and why?
  13. of course, I would have sooner but wanted to be sure I had it resolved
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