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  1. curious, did you just do pistons and rings, or a complete rebuild? i have heard that you can do that with the engine still in the car. my first car back in 1966 was a dodge meadowbrook that my grandfather bought new and was passed down in the family. yours is beautiful. capt den
  2. i guess you cannot just swap parts to make yours a 235 HP. not sure if this project will add 20 years to james life. if it could do that i will find a project for me. i do know that these cars add a form of exercise and brain use. right now i have a rebuilt power brake booster and i am going back and forth about installing it. i got it rebuilt about a year ago and it is sitting in my garage. i have installed one of these in a 53 imperial about 15 years ago, so i am familiar with the work involved,which is alot of labor under the car but not difficult. less than what james is asking us about. i will also clean or rebuild the front wheel cylinders and get that properly adjusted now that i have a tool that i bought from keith B. to do that properly. i am all about keeping my one car running and driving well, but no new projects. actually, today i am going to install the carb. that i just had rebuilt. always something. capt den
  3. james, you found a rare car. you already know that finding parts for this car can be extremely difficult due to such a low production number and it is built differently in many ways from the other models. seems to me the 2 desotos you have now should keep you busy. i am down to one car now and i am glad to only have that one to concentrate on.and Bob, i am glad to see you on this post. i saw that the raleigh classic had a 54 T&C on the auction. not sure if it is over yet, but you would be interested in knowing the price on that one. i am looking for those two bars that extend out from the piece that says chrysler in the grille. for some reason my car does not have those and i think it would look better with them. i will try globe. dennis
  4. beautiful car. my first classic car was a 1951 windsor. same tranny, and fun to drive. just my opinion, but the price is too high. if you want to drive this car on a regular basis it will take more money and time. good for a collection though. my current chrysler is for driving, not sitting. still takes money to keep it that way. the car is quite beautiful, though. capt den
  5. did you run the brake lines and vacuum line into and out of the trunk? love to see pictures. what does the midland ross unit look like , what does it cost and where to get it. how did you mount it in the trunk? capt den
  6. bryan, here is the address for the company that did my unit. mine is a 54 chrysler. power brake exchange, 12405 los nietos rd,santa fe springs, CA,90670 562 756 3727. i paid $400 plus shipping.about a 3 week turn around. yours is a different unit so you will have to talk to them. capt den
  7. bryan, i will look in the garage today. not many will do this unit captden
  8. i have the same unit. i had it rebuilt about 2 years ago but have not put it back in the car yet. i would not try to rebuild it myself. the master cylinder for a power brake car has a fitting on the top that allows any fluid that passes the diaphragm in the booster to return to the master. keep in mind that if the diaphragm fails all the brake fluid will get sucked into the engine via the vacuum hose on the booster. horrible smelling smoke will come out your exhaust and you will shortly lose all braking. the power brake master is hard to find. the only difference between it and the manual brake master is the fitting on top that takes a line that goes to the booster. if you want the name of a rebuilder for your booster i will get you mine. not many places do it. capt den
  9. bob, the raleigh classic has a 54 town and country up for auction. all original, one re-paint. may be more info on line. what will it go for? maybe you can find out     dennis

    1. Bob Riding

      Bob Riding

      I'll check it out, thanks!


    2. Bob Riding

      Bob Riding

      I've seen that one before. Probably the best example of a '54 there is. I will be watching the results.

  10. napa 1010 comes with o rings but not the flat gasket. i do not think any come with the flat gasket. i used to get our filter with the oil change specials at advance, but they do not even have our filter. not sure if napa will provide one with the special. maybe oreillys will. capt den
  11. about 2 years ago i got nos u joints for my 54 windsor from craig at mobile parts. they are the batwing type and they fit like the ones you had on the car. decent price too. capt den
  12. the ones i have are similiar to yours. i will try to get my wife to do a picture as i am pretty dumb in that area. do you want them? capt den
  13. i have 2 armrests and the knob for the shifter from a 51 plymouth. the armrests need complete re-do and the nob is clear plastic with a bit of crazing in it. yours for shipping if you want them. also the battery tray. i took them off an abandoned car in a field that i came across and i sourced the spare tire for the rim. let me know . it is a 4 door car. capt den
  14. looks great and safer. i have those same tubing kits and i want to use them to put my power brake booster back in my 54 windsor. i did this job on a 53 imperial but as i get older the thought of these projects becomes less appealing. i had the booster rebuilt last year so i will get to this soon. all the parts are clean and ready to go. all they need are me. hope your brakes are working great. i have an adjusting tool i bought from keith b. so i will take care of that too. i never did get them adjusted well and they are weak, so looking forward to power brakes and better adjusted for better braking. capt den
  15. i used jc whitney carpet. much cheaper, and not a perfect fit but close enough so that a little trimming it went in nicely. my car is a convrtible so i had to buy the one for a 2 door. i am pleased with the look and quality. what you buy depends on if the car is a driver or built to concourse standards. your choice and money. capt den
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