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  1. 53 dodge and plymouth show a 6 blade in my canadian parts book. i guess american engines had them also. also, 55 and 56 should have the 6 blade. wish i could tour a junkyard that has alot of these 50's mopars. sure i could find one. dennis
  2. thanks Bob. i have a stock water pump. arizona does not have it. dennis
  3. i was not able to pull up dennis phillips i could not find a plymouths only website. any other name for it? thanks, capt den
  4. how big is the shelf? just joking. i have collected many parts and found i rarely ever need one. except for a lot of consummable ones like you mentioned, hard parts like tailights,steering wheels,rims, and many others are nice to have but rarely needed. i have found trading them for what you do need can be a good reason to keep them. i have alot of trim parts, guages, switches,etc that sit in the box for years. we are at least saving parts for future owners. i need a 6 bladed fan. anyone have one of those stored away? i have a spare 4 bladed to trade. capt den
  5. Bob, nice to hear from you. what is that fan bolted to?can't tell from the angle of the picture.the bolt pattern may be the same but the center hole looks bigger.if the 4 bolt holes match up the center hole won't matter. . where did you get it? my blades cannot be more than 18 1/2 inches long. also the depth of the blades is an issue as the fan rides close to the radiator. nice looking engine you have there, in a nice clean shop. that fan looks like it will move some air. i got a shroud off of a new yorker from french lake auto parts. they did not have a fan. i have been looking but no success. these junk yards are not easy to deal with. keep those hubcaps shiny . dennis
  6. to help my cooling issue i want to install a 6 bladed fan, i now have a4 blade. this is for my 54 windsor with the 265.i am also adding a shroud, which i just bought from French Lake Auto parts. these were the nicest people to do business with.they actually want your business.they locate your part,incclude any extra hardware that goes with it if they have it, they inspect the part, tell you it's condition, and then ship it out same day. this means they call you back when they say they will to discuss the sale.they did not have the 6 bladed fan. i have been calling many other yards for the fan having no luck.getting a call back seems to be the issue.they can't all not have one.the problem is i need to know if the 6 blade, which comes off a dodge or plymouth, will have the same mounting holes to my water pump. i have not tried that huge yard in arizona yet.tomorrow. i have used browns in texas in the past and they were great.this time it seems as if they cohldn't care less. capt den
  7. there is a special curved box wrench that can be a big help putting in the starter if it mounts like mine on the 54 windsor. still available many places. capt den
  8. Bob, my 1954 265 uses the one in the middle. if you want original decals bernbaum or roberts has them. i have also seen them on ebay. dennis
  9. one question. if you advance the timing how will it affect engine temp under normal operation. i was told that more advance equals hotter engine temps. bacelaw can get a new vac advance unit on ebay. not too expensive. maybe even at the parts store. i got mine on ebay, it came from turkey. apparently chrysler had some operations there at one time. new brakes when adjusted should have a very slight drag, which as stated here will go away after 10 to 20 miles of driving. i welded my heat riser to allow free flow of the exhaust gas. personally i think the heat riser is one of the stupidest things i have ever seen on a car. i know---- carb icing. i have never experienced that.anyway, they always rust shut, so maybe they just should be made of higher quality components. capt den
  10. right place, right time.
  11. i have a draw full of the flat gaskets. next time i change oil i will measure the o ring. not sure how to measure thickness, but diameter is easy. dennis
  12. never have gotten the o ring with the filter. mine is a 54 windsor. been using the same o ring for years. got the last ones from o reillys. capt den
  13. love the freeze plug puller. wonder if it actually works well. would love to have one if it does. dennis
  14. 40, this shop rebuilt my booster on my 54 chrysler. power brake exchange, 562 756 3727. he is in CA. mine cost $400 about 2 years ago. i have not put it back in the car yet. capt den
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