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  1. Anybody know what vehicles came with the non-electronic A518 transmission ( I believe this is the correct designation, it is a 727 with an overdrive 4th)? I think this would be ok for the 331 that I want to stick into the wayfarer. Many have said to s---can the fluid drive.
  2. Will most likely pick up the Wayfarer by the end of next week, will post some photos.
  3. Adam, you think the 300 is that much longer than the flattie? regardless, I am leaning towards the 331, and the 8 3/4 rear, keeping mopar with mopar , as it is. May use the fluid drive, or may find a 904 tf, I don't believe either will bolt right up, as my Hemi has the short bell. If I install the 8 3/4, at least I will have the parking brake problem solved. eddie
  4. Andy, my last car with a poly was a 1966 Coronet. I tried as hard as I could to blow up the 318, as a 440 was sitting on my dad's garage floor, needing something to power. Dad would not let me pull a working engine from a running car. Eddie.
  5. Adam I did not know about a gm pump conversion. I do know the stock pump is huge. Stock oil filter sticks out quite far as well, I have seen relocation kits. Hemi may go in here after all. Looks like steering box is the booger. I will use stock exhaust manifolds, they seem to fit fairly close to the engine. Thanks for all your interest. eddie
  6. "331 Hemi weighs 700 lbs. Google online everywhere 218/230 445lbs. VPW shipped on crate" 300# or so more on the front end is a big deal. Perhaps time to find something lighter. Original engine rusted solid, cylinder head removed for I don't know how long, open for all to see. A 300 ford 6 is sitting on my shelf,(complete with c6 trans) looking for a use,it may be the easiest. Was kinda thinking all mopar would have been nice, but I need to use what I have. Haven't had any spare LA motors for a long while. Thanks for your interest. Ed
  7. For Andy, yea, the rear axle looks a bit skimpy what with the keyed and bolted hubs &such. Was thinking of using a 9 inch truck rear from a '63 f-100 that has been laying about for years, or maybe giving up the 8 3/4 posi I salvaged from a '71 'cuda 9 inch ford is 3.89 ratio, 8 3/4 is 3.55 ratio. I think the 8 3/4 has the right bolt circle.
  8. I hear you about the fenderless car, I have had my eyes on a pair of 1935 Dodge Brothers pickups, thought there may be enough between the two to make one runner, stick my 331 in there , leave off the side cowls off. they have been sitting in a swamp for 40 years, time has not been kind to them, no frame left to speak of.
  9. To Robert KB, the year of the car is in the title of the thread. Dodge b4ya, the 331 is brand new, never been in a car, came from Lehigh University from a power mechanics class in the 1950's, so no cost. My last big swap was a 383, complete with push button shifter , into a 1950 Chevy 3100 5 window. welding and fab is no problem, I just don't want to have to split the front of the frame, add 3 or so inches of width, just to get the engine between the suspension members. I have figured the heater box will have to go, also probably move the battery as well. Just wanted to see
  10. So, this is my very first post on a board I had been reading for a few weeks. I have been given a Dodge business coupe, somewhat complete, but very rough, out side storage many years, mice and squirrels, etc. I have a 331 from a 1954 Windsor, I have had this engine since 1977. It is time to either use or sell the 331. can a hemi fit in this car without major surgery? Thanks. Eddie
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