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  1. Sorry it is a single wire socket, single filament
  2. I am looking for a brake lamp socket for my 1949 Chrysler new yorker. If any one has one or knows where to get one please let me know.
  3. Any update on pics for the air ride setup? I'm looking into putting air ride suspension on my 49 new yorker.
  4. Well I can say I've never rebuilt this style of carb, only one I ever have was a quadrajet on a chevy c10. What do you mean by seat the balls?
  5. Guess it's time to tear the carb off and start going through it. I've seen a rebuild kit on oldmopar.com would the be sufficient for a tear down or is that just mainly gaskets?
  6. I honestly haven't taken the oil bath air cleaner off while running. Have looked down the barrel of the carb and it's super clean. Could be a stuck choke. Plugs are black as can be with soot on them as well, and they are only a month old. I cleaned them up but I guarantee they will be black.again very soon. I havent seen any fuel overflowing on the base but that doesnt mean it couldn't be that either could be flooding inside just enough.
  7. First start up its blowing black and a rough idle I'm talking almost like a diesel black with soot. They were running lead additive in the fuel. I started using just premium no more additive the black smoke isnt as bad after running all the lead additive gas out of it. But still there a little plus still rough idle on start up then levels out after it has warmed up. Also smells like its running rich as hell.
  8. Finally found the problem after thinking way to hard about it. Juat retraced all my steps. Found the wiring to the kick down plunger were frayed and hitting against the oil bath air cleaner. So she is finally shifting. After driving it today it wanted to stutter and actually died in my work parking lot. Started back up. Feels like a miss almost, stumbling on its face kinda and not gathering alot of speed. Got it up to 50mph but took a little bit. With light throttle it seems to run a little easier but trying to floor it it falls on its face. Ignition system is fairly new. Could it be a carb pr
  9. Its says 10w oil only. Does anyone know where to pick up this oil
  10. Thank you for the tips dodgeb4ya I guess you can overthink it very quickly. Also this is my first pre 60s car. All very new to me.
  11. It's off of my phone. I'll have to see if I can bring the resolution down.
  12. It has been certainly frustrating these past couple days. I've gone through the workshop manual so many times trying to.come up with a solution. I'll definitely try cleaning up the governor and solenoid contacts, and check the fluid level.
  13. The wiring is kinda loose on the side of the block going behind the oil filter housing. To circuit breaker and across the top to the carb. There are wires that were "repaired" prior to purchasing the vehicle. But if I can post pictures I can show you exactly all I removed.
  14. The awkward thing for me is that everything was fine when I drove it home. It was all working properly. I parked it for about a month and the only thing I did was change the engine oil and the freeze plugs.
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