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  1. Looking for the fuel pressure from 241 Hemi mechanical fuel pump to a stromberg carb. Thanks in advance
  2. Tried for break in of 241 and my rebuilt stromberg leaked bad! That was $286 down the toilet. Questions, what should fuel pressure be and has anyone used an adaptor plate to go from 2 bbl manifold to 4 bbl carb? Thanks in advance
  3. Brent B3B. Got her in today. A little wrestling especially that nut on the back of the tranny that secures that part offergebed driveline. Whew! Done! Thank you buddy. Now on to the exhaust and fire this pig up!! Thank you again my friend!!!
  4. Brent B3B thank you a million. It will save me a lot of time that way!
  5. Super new to this stuff so please bear with me. Getting ready to install front driveline with center bearing. Read the manual and it’s not real helpful. Two questions 1. Can the hand brake drum be bolted on before install? 2. Is there some indicator that lines things up at the rear driveline to get it balanced or do you just stick it in there? thanks Dan
  6. Has anybody found any replacement for this cover or did you have to make your own? Thanks Dan
  7. Wallytoo. Can I manually manipulate the shifter at the rear end or will I screw something up?
  8. Dodgeb4ya. I have the manual and have been reading about it. Do you know what the vacuum do dad does behind the speedometer?
  9. I will give that a go. Never even considered trying to see if it’s free!!! Ha! Thank you
  10. I have that same one attached but it’s all rusted and hammered. Have had no luck in finding a replacement. That’s why I was thinking mechanical shifter. Sorry for any confusion. I’m still really new to all of this old dodge stuff!
  11. That’s what I’m thinking. Thank you. Good to know I’m not totally nuts. Ha!
  12. BrentB3B. Looks like we have the same actuator on the fire wall. My problem is at the rear end. I was thinking of running some mechanism from the cab straight to the rear end
  13. Topic should have beef rear end and not brakes. Sorry for any confusion
  14. Having zero luck finding vacuum actuator for 2 speed rear end. Has anyone ever done a manual shifter? I might just be nuts, but thinking about options. Thanks Dan
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