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    Love woodworking, but always had a hankering for doing a vehicle restoration - I’m finally there!
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    I guess restoring an old vehicle now! Really, always wanted to do this!

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    1948 Chrysler Windsor - I’m looking for the rubber gaskets for the rear light assembly, as well as the “Fluid Drive” light assembly.


  2. View Advert WTB, Rear light gasket 1948 Chrysler Windsor - I’m looking for the rubber gaskets for the rear light assembly, as well as the “Fluid Drive” light assembly. Advertiser LrudyD Date 06/19/2021 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  3. 1948 Chrysler Windsor C-38 6 passenger. So, which is the correct window crank? I’m assuming the second one, since the first is on the driver’s door and all the rest are like the second.
  4. Have you received them yet? Wondering how they turned out. My interiors are fine, but need the trunk carpet after having to cut it up looking for bolts and fuel sending unit cap! I figured I’d just take it to a local auto upholstery shop.
  5. I kept my straps and sending unit; they were both actually in good shape. I’d clean them up, check them out, and if they’re functional, use them!
  6. #1 - You’ve got to feel for them! They’re in about the same position on each side of the trunk, pretty easy to feel for. Then cut the carpet! I tried doing a clean cut so I can glue it down again. #2 - You’ll have to feel for the round steel cap that covers the hole to get to the wiring on top of the fuel tank - see the pic for position from the bolt. #3 - The ferrel, I’m guessing, keeps the gas from leaking out of the tank where the fuel line is connected - see the pic for what the ferrel looks like. #4 - for the fuel tank, check out ebay - https://www.ebay.com/itm/352612564082
  7. Believe it or not, I wasn’t even looking for a car! Oh, I’ve had dreams of getting a car to work on for years, and have always been a Mopar guy. So, a few years ago I lent a friend some money, then pretty much forgot about it. He called me about two years later and said he wanted to talk to me. I went to his house and he started showing me some of his oldies, including a ‘48 Chrysler Windsor. Then he said for me to take my pick, it’s in exchange for the money I lent him! Wow! I didn’t lend him that much, but he was extremely generous in this! The interior and exterior are in good shape, wor
  8. For the fuel tank strap removal, under the carpet in the trunk are the bolts for the tank straps. Don’t forget to remove the fuel sending wiring on top of the tank - also under the carpet! I don’t have a pic for that, but it’s foreword of the strap bolt and to the left a bit. You should be able to feel the metal cap under the carpet. And, don’t forget to save the little furrel that is inside the fuel line attached to the tank. By the way, I got a new fuel tank from EBay for a decent price - like $230. It was a perfect fit.
  9. The rear rubber running boards on my ‘48 Chrysler Windsor - can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thinking of talking to a friend to 3D print them!
  10. On the passenger side, they both go up. On drivers side, both down...at least that’s how mine was before changing them, and I don’t think they’d ever been changed out.
  11. Hmmm, didn’t even think of that DJ! Yes, I did have the shock off!🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Actually, all 4 of the ends matched; only difference was 2 had opposite threading.
  13. I replaced my fuel tank. Bought it on EBay for a decent price, like $230 or so. The biggest thing to remember is to get in the trunk and find a round metal plate covering the top of the tank where the wires are for the gas sending unit. My carpet was in perfect shape, but had to hack it to get to the plate, as well as the bolts for the tank straps! All in all, it’s a pretty easy job. But, like others have said, make sure you don’t lose the ferrel, and empty the tank first!
  14. Hi all, I replaced the shocks and tie rod ends yesterday on my 1948 Chrysler Windsor C-38. I don’t think they’d eeeever been replaced! And, interestingly enough, they came off pretty easy!🙌 I started with the passenger side, no problems. Got to the driver’s side, no problem taking them off. But, when it was time to put the tie rod and ends back in, it was difficult, the outer tie rod just wouldn’t seat properly. This side has an acute angle upward from the outer to the inner tie rod end, and the purchased one wasn’t the same type as the original, and wouldn’t pivot enough for the angle an
  15. I tried going the re-tempered route, but heard they could flatten out again. The only way to help it is to add a leaf. I ended up ordering lead springs and shocks from Andy Bernbaum. I’ve since ordered more things from them as well - great bunch of guys! Real helpful and great prices!
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