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  1. Thanks. Will discuss with the owner. I'm also concerned with the water distribution tube.
  2. Friend and I are working on his 1952 Dodge Coronet. Hasn't run in awhile. Engine turns free and we went over the Ignition. Has spark and verified static timing. Turns over but will not start. Feeding gas from a can till tank is cleaned. Compression was low. We went ahead and pulled the head. All the valves are free. I set the pistons so that they were all down a bit. Put some ATF in each. Over night they all held the oil except number 5 went down a bit. Valves have a good bit on carbon on them and might not be sealing. What is the best approach to clean the valves with head off? Wo
  3. It does look like a large torx but I used a short 1/2 breaker bar an bumped it. Not sure on the grease. Metal seems to have faired well under it. Grease seems like it really helped the chrome. We have yet to remove it. Red light under left side dash is a round switch. I thought a Emergency brake Light but it only lights with key on an turned clockwise. Will trace an find out in time.
  4. Thanks. Hoping to get all the grease off the body at some point and clean it up a bit. Focusing on the mechanics right now. Got the gas tank drained. Cleaned out the carburetor which wasn't bad at all. Distributor back in and verified static timing to TDC for number one. With timing marks at TDC I put an air hose with rubber tip in number one. Engine tried moved slightly. In number 6 you could hear air out the exhaust. Rotor was at 7 o'clock and pointing at number one on the cap. Moved distributor until point were open for static timing. Firing order is correct. I think
  5. Thank you! Those are good prices on the manual. One thing I picked up on RockAuto. The condenser they show is the same one we got at NAPA that didn't fit. As we found out. Get distributor parts based on the distributor number.
  6. Under left side of the dash is the red switch. When you rotate it clockwise it lights up. Not sure whats its for. We are thinking aftermarket 4 ways? All the lights are not functional so we are not sure.
  7. This shows the radio delete plate but there is a big metal box behind the speaker that has wires going to it and the fender antenna plugs into it. I looked last night. The two knobs under the delete plate. Have cables attached that go to the box behind the speaker grille. Very odd. Makes me think there is a radio there without a station display?
  8. Got a photo of it the day we pulled it from the garage. When it was stored they rubbed grease on the lower body and bumpers.
  9. Want to thank everyone for all the great help. Really appreciate it!! Wanted to ask on the Ignition switch. We noticed that the engine will not turn over unless we push in on the key before turning it to the right. Assume not normal and the switch needs replaced? Unless you push in you don't feel and detents. It just rotates freely. Pushing and to the left. Is that an accessory position?
  10. Thanks for the advice. We are in no hurry to start it. Taking our time and learning. When it was put away the oil and filter were changed and the plugs removed to squirt oil in each cylinder. We did that again when we got it out. Still working on the ignition presently.
  11. Thank you for those part numbers. We called NAPA with IAT number. No luck with person we talked to. Will look around online. Interested in buying a good service manual. Any suggestions?
  12. Once we resolve the spark issue we are going to try and start it with clean fuel in the carburetor bowl. Just to confirm it will run. We have the fuel line removed and plugged at the carburetor until we drain and clean the fuel tank/system. The radiator is shot and removed. He will need to look for a replacement along with hoses. We have seen aluminum options online. Any suggestions? I was wondering about the thermostat. I'm concerned that the bolts to the thermostat housing are going to break off if we try remove it. I have also read about pulling the water pump and looking at the
  13. By way. How do you tell if this is a p15-d24. Don’t understand those terms.
  14. Thanks. Appreciate the help. I have been reading here an decided to sign up. I’m very good at working on cars. Have few projects of my own. Like to see this one back on the road. Button on end of shifter knob looked factory to us. Wire runs external down side column. What held it on is gone. Odd with the radio. Having the box behind the dash an the factory radio delete plate. Are there pictures of this radio setup? We want to drain the tank but not sure what the fitting is? From surface it looks like a star bit but we can’t see up instead the plug. I read it mig
  15. Signing up to help a friend who is working on his grandfather 1952. Bought new and has 52K miles. Has the Gyromatic. Has not run for awhile. Its been garage kept. Still 6 volt. Couple questions to start if someone can assist? We have no manuals as yet. Engine turns free by hand. Focusing first on ignition. He bought a new 6 volt battery. Then I read that it should be positive ground. We connected the battery negative ground and pretty sure I remember the amp meter going the wrong way. Battery disconnected for now and will reverse the leads. We had no spark while cranking. We are t
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