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  1. Hey, thanks for the replies everyone...I think I'll check "no" on the quick-ratio steering option... 😎
  2. So I'm going over some of the upgrades that I'd like to make on the '51 Concord, and I'm wondering if anyone here has swapped out the stock 24:1 manual steering box on their older Mopar for a quicker 16:1 box. Flaming River offers a very pricey option... https://www.flamingriver.com/index.php/products/c0011/s0008/FR1540 ...although I'm not sure that that fits our cars. I've read posts elsewhere from people who have switched to 16:1 on their '60s Mopars, and most seem to like it. It apparently makes steering at slow speeds even harder than it already is (which obviously
  3. Hey, Rich...thanks! As I mentioned in another post, I wired the butterfly closed on my (non-existent) choke to see if that might do anything, but it didn't, and now it looks like I have a spark problem. When that gets resolved, I think I might try to convert this choke setup to manual, but if I decided to go with the Sisson, I'll be in touch...thanks...Gary
  4. So after wiring the choke plate closed to see if a lack of choke was the problem (it wasn't), I pulled the no. 1 plug. It looked pretty good, fairly new. Wasn't wet from gas, either. So then I hooked up an inline spark-plug checker between the plug and the ignition wire and...no spark. I guess that means I'm on to the ignition system...any particular order I should check things? I don't have a ton of points experience, but the process seems fairly straightforward. Should I also do a compression test?
  5. I know, strange, right? I'll check for the mounting holes later today...thanks!
  6. I'm assuming it did, but I don't think the previous owner made the change, or at least he didn't mention it. This is theoretically a stock 218, but the D6U1 carb on here wasn't used, as far as I can tell, until '53, so that's not stock. Let me see if I can get a casting number off the intake...
  7. Thanks! Yeah, honestly, this is the best thing that could have happened...it's the only way! 😎
  8. Thanks everyone. I saw some other posts about the Sisson choke, and I thought I might have it on mine, but if you look at the first photo below, you'll see that there's nothing attached to the small, L-shaped lever with the hole in the center of the photo, which is where I think the Sisson connects to the choke plate mechanism. I also don't think I have the Sisson's cylindrical metal housing, which sits on the intake next to the carburetor. The only thing I see connecting the choke mechanism to anything else is the metal rod that runs from the choke-plate lever to the bottom of the carb, where
  9. Hey, everyone....so my '51 Concord was running great after I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but after sitting for a couple of days last week, it has decided to welcome me to the community by not starting. At first it would crank fine but not turn over (and it didn't really sound as though it was getting close to turning over). After numerous attempts, the 12v battery that runs the starter (the car is 6v otherwise, on another battery) began to fade, and then died. So I took the battery in, had it tested, and it was bad, so I picked up a replacement and installed it, and it's now cranking like
  10. Hey, thanks, Andy! I love those beehive filters...I may just go in that direction. I'll check out the HEI swap, too. One thing that I've thought about doing is trying to pick up and rebuild another flathead block--possibly one of the "big" blocks, the 251 or 265--and then see if that swap would be beneficial (I assume I'd have to move the radiator assembly forward to fit one of those). But I'd keep that project separate and otherwise just enjoy the car as it is...
  11. Looks awesome! And thanks for the Juliano's tip...I've been on their site a couple times and have heard good things about them...
  12. Ahhhhh...well there you go! Thanks for that...so it IS a true-blue '51...
  13. Hey, Harold...you know, I believe it WAS in NJ before the guy I picked it up from bought it at the Carlisle show. I found a photo online of what I'm positive is the car, and it had Jersey plates in the photo...
  14. I'll also have you know that I've already driven the car with the e-brake on three times... 😬 Might need to order a new e-brake band soon...
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