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  1. truck has been sold.i will bw putting up another 41 dodge i have in the near future,ty all for looking
  2. sorry if i did incorrect,but this truck is one im trying to sell and thought maybe i would post here,i am not firm on price just need to make some money for one of my other trucks.if i posted within not legally right please delete post dont wanna ruffle any feathers and any questions needed i can answer
  3. https://missoula.craigslist.org/pts/d/corvallis-1941-dodge-15-ton/7197456622.html
  4. Maybe not a help but a picture of my 230 ,bottom hole is input other is output on filter housing,which in turn output connects to bottom hole on block ,with input being the block hole right above it ,
  5. Rebuilding a speedo for my truck pulled all together to find best lookin one and thought would be a great photo,went to swap meet yesterday and also saw this
  6. Ok after tearing apart again it was pilot error 1 little piece of sandblasting silica from doing the top piece not the body had lodged in the input shaft ,a 1/32 hole caused this ,ty all for help somehow my cleaning was not perfect,it was the little hole to the right of the big one
  7. Ok rebuilt master cylinder on 1941 3/4 ton with kit from dcm,obviously mc needed it after 20 years no activity,wasn’t horrible inside but honed and cleaned and rebuilt,than did both rear cylinders,that said I’m gonna try it added fluid and and starting pumping to bleed,but no matter how many times I pump it never builds pressure,don’t notice any leaks,I can hear internals going back and forth,but no pressure,didn’t bench bleed,but what should I try look at and try I’m very confused usually you get a little pressure but nothing,any help appreciated
  8. This is the mess I got myself in the 31 is done as a rat rod but all the trucks I needed but not really I just wanna make a really good truck out of all the parts ,I bought 62 for the flatbed and sold but still have the 4 trucks 3 41 dodges and 1 46 dodge 1.5 ton 1 ton 133 WB 3/4 ton wd and 1/2 wc with complete bed,wife says I’m done
  9. Ok after seeing results giving to me,is it possible to put 41 engine 218 and cab fenders etc etc etc of 41 to 46 frame leaving the bed and running boards on 46 I believe engine in 1/2 is 201 will 218 basically bolt to 46 trans,I will post pics when I figure out how to do it.
  10. Ok im a new member been reading posts here for awhile now so thought i would join,but im confused about something ,what is different about a 1/2 ton bed with 116 wb and 3/4 ton with 120 wb i have a great 41 3/4 ton but it has a flatbed of wood,but i bought a 46 1/2 ton to get the bed off of it ,what do i need to make the bed off of the 46 fit the 41 with a different wheelbase,or is it not even possible ,i will probably be asking a few questions over time because between my love for the older trucks,i get confused and need a little poke.
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