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  1. Ok I've got pictures of how the door seals go on, but I can't seem to put pictures on here, I can e-mail them to someone to put on
  2. Thank you I was going to put a picture of the truck on here but can't figure out how to resize the pic to get it on here.
  3. I didn't check the acc pump by hand when i put it together, it did squirt fuel and did not hesitate on accleration but on the bench it was a poor spit of fuel, after moving the valves around it put out a steady stream and runs like a watch now, I would have chased this glitch for days had you not asked about the power valve. Thank you Aaron
  4. AHHHH, I wondered about that when i took it apart, but thats the way it came out so i put it back the same, I'll swap those around and see what happens. Thanks AA
  5. Vacuum power piston on this one, what I wondered about was the Power by pass jet, it has the spring loaded needle in it and that one does not stick up thru the jet like the one on the acc pump does also it has a stamp on it the best I could see was 56, the one under the acc pump looked to be 00, the acc pump works as it does not stumble but I'll check just with it sitting and see that it does squirt, could it be possible that the power jet and the acc pump by pass were mixed up,I put them back the way they came out but that doesn't mean anything. Thanks Aaron
  6. Main jet miced at .057, so i reamed it to .061, it runs better but still need slight choke when floored for take off, at speed it runs fine it just seems to stave a little when going thru the gears at a full throttle, I'll check fuel pump volume, and drain and check tank and line and see where that leads me.
  7. Ok, that helps, I'll get it back together and see what it does, I've no idea why they replaced it to start with, it could have been for this problem for all I know. On Pete's question I had the same problem with a 261 Chevy, plugs didn't look right, I drilled the mains out a little it helped but not a lot, what I'm told is that todays crap gas doesn't read on the plugs like the older gas did.
  8. OK thanks, I wish they hadn't put a rebuilt carb on and just left the old one to go thru, it is marked as 3-99, but I'll run a pin mic in this jet and see what it is. Thanks Aaron
  9. I thought of that also, but upon opening the carb it was pretty dirty inside, odd as it was only about a year old and the truck has been down for half of that, the fuel pimp has a screen i it and the glass bowl had some crud in it, the tank is clean as i out a new send in it and looked inside, but one problem at a time the main jet size kinda makes me wonder.
  10. Hi all, I'm working on a B2D, all stock, engine was recently rebuilt I didn't do it, and someone put a rebuilt catb on it, it runs very good till you hit the hwy then you need to pukll the choke out about half way, then runs decent, I'm thinking rebuilt carb is junk so i got akit and right now the carb is soaking in a can of carb cleaner, my question is as some one put a rebuilt varb on did they get the right one or did the rebuilder put the correct main jet in it, does anyone know what size the main jet would be, they are not stamped, or at least this one is not. Thanks Aaron
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