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  1. I'd like to hear from someone familiar with the DTE2 accelerator pump. In the parts offered by suppliers, I have seen a brass cup-type retainer for the top of the spring. I have also seen a smaller diameter flat fiber retainer for sale. My carburetor came to me with the brass cup-type retainer. After rebuilding it I cannot see how the pump would have ever worked with the brass cup retainer that was in the carb when I got it. The engine didn't accelerate well at all, so I am thinking maybe the accelerator pump wasn't working. Has anyone seen these two different types of spring retainers ? Maybe my carb had the wrong one. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I'll check them tomorrow. If they are squashed, they're probably not doing much cushioning either.
  3. My 1954 half ton is in fine shape, but the clutch and brake pedals both drag on one side of the firewall hole. It appears that the body may be misaligned by about an inch. I can recut the holes to provide relief, or Try to loosen the mounts and move the body over a little, or Try to move the part that the pedals pivot on. I've had sloppy pedals due to worn bushings, but these are nice and tight. They just don't agree with the holes in the firewall. Any thoughts or experiences ?
  4. I have a 1954 C-1-B truck that is new to me. Starting off, first gear seems more like second. The previous owner says that the rear axle was replaced at some point, so my fear is that they used an incorrect replacement with a different ratio than original. What should the original differential ratio be for this truck with a 3 speed transmission ? I am planning on spinning the driveshaft with the wheels jacked up to compute what I have now.
  5. I just acquired a dark green 1954 Dodge half-ton in nice shape. The previous owner had the hubcaps painted gloss white. What were they originally ? Chrome or paint ?
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