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  1. Additional photos of mounts with ruler.....
  2. Yes, sorry those were scanned slide photos from the 80's when I bought them and all's I could access from the cloud. Now at home here are some photos of them 'mounted' only on each end at this point. Meant to do this when I got home last night but got busy
  3. Not sure if this will help much, D-126 Running Boards.....
  4. Picked up another on eBay, came with a 37 Studebaker PU. This one is from The National Motor Museum Mint, but still a Signature, came with a double sided information card.
  5. Received the four data tags ordered for the electrical system today, look nice. Generator Starter Distributor Regulator
  6. Grabbed up a third one, this one will go on display at work, once I go back, (long story, letting the WC doctors and lawyers sort that out). Also found a 50's "Tootsie Toy" Dodge PU.
  7. I don't think there was any common denominator there, I've even seen them look like the old IBM Punch Cards. Mine was a completely different format than yours.
  8. Here is the wheel pages from the W Series parts manual; Looks like the WC came with 16, 18 and 20 inch wheels. 1941-1947 Inclusive Dodge Truck Parts List W Series WHEELS.pdf
  9. Yep, used to, these have been out of production for almost 10 years.
  10. Scored another one Monday on eBay, used, so going to paint green to match.
  11. Thanks, but Dang....0 available Found the same from India 9.00
  12. NAW, just didn't have time to stop and get out of the vehicle. I drive through Hartsel a few times every week, Tuesday I had to actually get off the highway to look at an upcoming job in town. First time in thirty-some years I actually didn't just buzz right through. Next time I go through I'll stop and get some better pictures. If anyone's around I'll get info on it if it's available.
  13. They were billed as "ORIGINAL HURD KEY BLANK FORD LINCOLN MERCURY 1932-1948 H5 1125H IGN / DOOR NOS" and priced to match 😆
  14. Excerpt of an Australian Pilot House ''ute'', from the YouTube video 'Melbourne to Sydney in the 1950's' The full video can bee seen HERE Australian Pilot House ''ute''.mp4
  15. Correct NOS Key Blanks, cut to fit, with NOS 'Record and Detach' discs with correct key number stamped.....
  16. Thanks to all, got them done. Printed on 3M Graphic Film Scotchcal ™ Vinyl Film With a 3 mil UV Protective Laminate @Dodgeb4ya says the plate is made of brass... .065" thick
  17. Maybe this article? Dodge truck Cartridge Lube Sock Filter By John Gunnell "Wilson contacted Wix to talk with their engineers about the problem. "I did send them both styles and they clearly recognized the problem," Wilson says. "They were supposed to go back to the old style, but they were not going to recall the bigger filters, so you may get a correct one and you may not. As a thank you, Wix sent me a case of filters. Can you guess which size they were?" (Of course, they were the oversize filters — the ones that Wilson has had no luck using up.)" Second Chance Garage-Dodge truck Cartridge Lube Sock Filter
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