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    Old Kubota tractors, My 48 Dodge B1D
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    ROW Inspector

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    Florissant, CO
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    1948 BID (Dodge 1 Ton, 9' Bed)
    196? - Montgomery Wards - Garden Mark / 25" - Riding Lawn Mower

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    1990 Ford - F250 Extended Cab - 2 Door Custom - Long Bed - 5.8L (351W)
    2017 Hyundai Santa Fe - SE / AWD - Long Wheel Base, 7 Seater - 3.8L GDI


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    Florissant, CO
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    Right now, my Dodge

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  1. Better late than never I guess, Salvage what you can.
  2. eBay........... Model Car, Dodge B -1B Pick up 1948, - Red, 1/87 New Oxford 87DP48001 87DP48001 Oxford Diecast HO Gauge Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red
  3. Got them today pretty nice for the size. Real fast shipping from across the pond.
  4. Yes you're probably right it's actually just Matchbox size, I'll be happy to add to my collection though.
  5. Just got done ordering a few, the hood ornament looks a little oversized compared to the rest of the truck, maybe it's just the way the picture was taken?
  6. Posted yesterday on the Dodge Pilothouse Era Truck Club Facebook page
  7. SIGNATURE MODELS 1948 DODGE PICKUP, RED, 1:32 SCALE, NIB 1/32 Scale 1948 Dodge B-Series Pickup Truck Model (6") Signature Model 32419 Red
  8. Clawson Classic Instrumentation Gauge Restoration, Instrument Restoration, Auto and Marine
  9. RARE DODGE TRUCKS Good Luck Advertising Brass Token 30mm https://www.ebay.com/itm/225014598934?hash=item3463ea4d16:g:7HgAAOSwYXlimSKv RARE DODGE TRUCKS Good Luck Advertising Brass Token 30mm https://www.ebay.com/itm/225014207029?hash=item3463e45235:g:6sYAAOSwluBimNBZ
  10. Additional photos of mounts with ruler.....
  11. Yes, sorry those were scanned slide photos from the 80's when I bought them and all's I could access from the cloud. Now at home here are some photos of them 'mounted' only on each end at this point. Meant to do this when I got home last night but got busy
  12. Not sure if this will help much, D-126 Running Boards.....
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