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  1. Now that Winter may be gone for a while (have had January temps for a couple of weeks), going to get back onto the rear-end and brakes. Picked up a wheel cylinder kit to fix this..... Going to get the last wheel cylinder buttoned up and install all the brakes. Then top of the rear end. Straight 90W is what the manual calls for. Any suggestions or things to be aware of on a 70+ year old rear axle that was redone ages ago with new seals and bearings? Going to pump some brake fluid through all the lines before starting, hopefully we will no
  2. This has been long long overdue, been messing with this mish-mash of storage containers Broken, missing drawers, have to open and close drawer after drawer to find anything unless it is used often and you remember where it was. Ordered five of the Acro-Mills 64 Drawer cabinets, made of soft unbreakable plastic and actually made in America What a difference, got everything transferred over, just looks so much nicer. and made a cheat sheet (with photos) so it is easy to find anything, have a printed hard copy, a copy on my
  3. Nice read, seems the general consensus is that what is thought to be an original has a round flip up extension, not square, still nice to have. I could have added some comments on "using your truck" when I bought my 90 Chevy 454SS, I was told "it ain't a truck til you carry a load of manure." Lived in Silicon Valley back then, so that never happened, also never drove it in the rain!!
  4. Picked up an old 'vintage' jack at a yard sale, was told it was 40s to 50s and an Elite Ashland jack Was in good shape, $5.00, blasted, primered and painted it. Wonder if any one has any ideas if it would have been even close to the stock factory jack, if one even exists. Got me thinking about a factory tool set that may have come with a new truck, did any tools come with your new purchase? Searched the parts manual and this was all I came up with..... Found no other mention of tool(s) or jack. Here is the jack..... The only m
  5. Another homemade one is ATF and Acetone, not sure, maybe 50/50.
  6. I have not used this, but I hear it is great stuff... Mouse Milk
  7. Turned my attention to the 'mouse damaged' 'new' (30 years ago) wiring harness. Laid it out for an inspection, along with the remnants of wire from the build. (and people ask me why I don't throw ANYTHING away, This is why)! Have all the right bits for color correct repairs. + These are the only real bad areas, the other smaller spots can be fixed with tape. Major damage fixed, this will be stored in the house until it is needed.
  8. Sorted through and polished all the switch/cable - nuts/escutcheons today, found eight acceptable ones, four nice, four passable, the rest are too scored. May get a quote for re-chroming, I'll be sure to be sitting when I see that! 😲
  9. Nothing in my Dodge manual, but.... Proper torque
  10. Got the dash, sub panel and glove box knobs done today Here is the assortment I started with and the ones I chose to work with All the chrome polished, thanks to @rekbender providing the last two missing links The complete set and the faces 'roughed' up with some emory cloth These are the steps I took to mask the faces for painting Ready for paint and a coat of DP50® epoxy primer A coat of Krylon® appliance paint, forced cured at 170°/1 hour, and lettering filled in with white acrylic enamel and the
  11. Are you using 'rattle can' or 'spray gun' appliance paint? I just did my knobs today with DP50® Epoxy Primer and Krylon® Appliance Paint, the can specified dry to touch-30 minutes, dry to handle-2 hours, I did a 170° bake for 1 hour. I also did a test piece to confirm durability before moving on to the lettering. all was good. I was about to post results when I saw your thread.
  12. So glad I found a 'decent' set of 81" NOS boards for $95.00 back in 1988, the originals had been dragged across so many trees they were toast. Even the NOS ones have a few dents, but fixable.
  13. This was the last email I got from Danielle. Hello Bill, Thank you for contacting the FCA Historical Archives. At this time, we are unable to do the research needed to answer your request, due to corporate guidelines, and have limited physical access to the archival records. We are able to answer requests where we can remotely access the materials. While we cannot provide a timeframe as to when we will be able to assist you, I would expect that it will be towards the end of the year, but there is no target date at this time. Thank you f
  14. Fab'd up a heater shroud for the fresh air system, figured I'd never find the correct one. Used 1-1/4" flat stock, formed a box and two side brackets. Attached the brackets to the box. Painted it up and added a trim of self adhesive Velcro® A couple of photos of the shroud installed. I made the Velcro® trim seal about 1/4" too long so it would compress tightly to the heater core area.
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