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  1. Transversely mounted straight four with SU carbs, Mini Cooper? EDIT, oops, just scrolled up and got my answer!
  2. Okay thanks, I hope mine looks that good. And I think @ggdad1951 ordered some data tags for accessories from Poland.
  3. Was that from the guy in Poland (hornedataplates)? I'm waiting for one from him right now.
  4. Curious what the shipping costs were, I'm 'just down the road' from you, looks like the attachment is not valid anymore?
  5. They are new production from an outfit out of New York (Webco) Wheel cylinder set 2 cylinders; Fits Dodge 1 ton Truck REAR 1939-1952 I sent the guy an email asking if he would accept $225 for a set of four. So the actual purchase went through PayPal not eBay. I got two that were stepped bores but one of the 1 3/8 inch bores had 1 1/4 inch innards, the other two were 1 3/8 inch straight bores. After several non-responsive emails, I stepped it up to PayPal. Had everything boxed up to return, just wanted a $15 label. No r
  6. After round and round finally got a new stepped bore cylinder. Also ended up with a set of straight bore (1 3/8) cylinders, may use them on the rear. It is a long story, but a messed up EBay purchase and a PayPal refund made everything free.
  7. Excellent, and Happy Thanksgiving 🍗🍠🥐🍲🍷🥧
  8. Have you reached your attachment limit? Go to the dropdown under your profile..... Click "My Attachments" to see your status..... I am pretty sure, if you are at the limit, you can go back and delete older attachments and they will stay in the original post. Someone might verify, but usually that is how it works. If that is not the answer, I have no clue.
  9. The link does work, Can you not upload up to 3 Mb? You might try this to change image sizes; Fast Image Resizer
  10. Went ahead and refurbished the old ashtray I got form EBay. Cleaned up the housing, replaced the broken stud, cleaned up the tray and top and gave everything a protective clear coat Repainted the front panel and touched up the knob so it matches all the others There is a thin layer of Rust-oleum Rust Reformer Primer on the bottom of the tray, did not want to go too long in the acid bath, covered a few spots Completed and ready for installation Not goin
  11. I think you are correct, I recall a NOS one I was following on EBay that was black, There is another on EBay that is black NOS Ash Tray and the one I got from EBay is black, so that will be my route
  12. I am waiting for a new serial number/VIN tag from him also.
  13. Picked up an Ash tray from EBay, missing one mounting stud Dis-assembled and ready for cleanup/paint, checked Bunn's Reference Guide, could not find it, were these black or the truck color? The knob is in great shape, but needs repainting to match all the others
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