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  1. For that we have tractors, and I know people with explosives permits LOL
  2. YEAH, that ain't happening after I go through all this work. 🤑
  3. Well I knew the three speeds were synchros, I did not know anything about the four speeds so I'll have to look into the one I've got if it's not a synchro I'm not going that route. Just when you thought you had it all fitterd out! 🤔
  4. Well a productive weekend to say the least I got the D34 - 230 tore down, all the parts generally cleaned up and put in my crates outside of the shop. While I well definitely go with a 230 block I'm not sure which one yet, but I came upon something that has pretty much made up my decision on the transmission. I remember seeing something that 3 speeds did not take PTOs and the D34 had a PTO transmission and sure enough it's a 4-speed so I will definitely go that route which means no fluid drive. I was al really looking forward to that but three speed fluid drive versus 4 speed I think I'll go to the four speed route, unless there's really good reasons not to? opinions? Out of room on my cart for any more block/transmission/bellhousing combinations.....
  5. And I'm sure that contributed to the fact that the engine would not turn over
  6. DONE, for sale Dodge L head engine needs a little work LOL NOT FOR SALE, FAKE-OUT
  7. Yeah I already have enough back problems I don't need anymore, one surgery is enough for me in one lifetime
  8. Okay, Cam is out block is degreased, time for a cocktail
  9. There's always one, isn't there. Number one intake is frozen solid, trying a soak of acetone and ATF, hopefully it will penatrate.
  10. Started to tear down D34 Yesterday got this far. Lots of parts to add to the collection Finishing up today, now I know why it was stuck, all the pistons move freely, but the mains! Glad I did not have to try and lift that crank, flywheel and clutch out by manual labor! Now to the cam and valves.
  11. My understanding was top and bottom to figure taper, and side to side to figure out of round? Probably going to have it bored, but need to measure the second 230 to decide what to do.
  12. Finally got around to measuring the bore of the T306, 218; 1=3.256 2=3.254 3=3.248 4=3.2515 5=3.2505 6=3.254 Need to at least remove the head from the D34,230 to measure them, may break down the whole engine, Will give me more room in the shop.
  13. View Advert Looking for 1 Ft Spring Shackle U-Bolt I am missing one Front Spring Shackle U-Bolt Part Number 581759 Thanks, Bill Advertiser billrigsby Date 08/04/2020 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  14. Time Left: 24 days and 1 hour

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    I am missing one Front Spring Shackle U-Bolt Part Number 581759 Thanks, Bill


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