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  1. My fuel pump went out. I have a nice gear driven electric pump from fifth avenue garage. What is the advantage and disadvantages of electric fuel pump to a mechanical one.
  2. So it was rebuilt but I don’t know exactly how many miles. I’m assuming about 1000 to 1500 but really not sure. I’ve changed the oil once with straight 30wt and a zinc additive. But was looking at the Lucas 10/30 or 10/40. It is supposed to have enough zinc so I wouldn’t have to add it
  3. I’m sure this has been asked before but, what oil is everyone running. I’m in Northern California with a 201 Plymouth flathead/L Head.
  4. they are Goodyear pre-war tires. they do make a "new" tire that looks like that
  5. I’m curious why giving it more fuel would help? Thanks you
  6. Yes I’m have the heat shield
  7. So here is the problem I’m have. Car starts fine when cold/cool. The problem is when it gets warm/hot it won’t start. The car runs great not over heating at all the temp gage is normal meaning 180° thermostat opens cools to 160°. Fuel is at the carb when I try to start it warm so no vapor lock. It turns over strong for a 6v. it’s a 1939 Plymouth 201. Any advice?
  8. this is a 23'' head (23 1/2) going on a 1939 201 plymouth
  9. Can anybody help me identifying the cylinder head it’s supposed to be from a Plymouth. # 632955-3 other castings NH 12-31 P
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