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  1. Small world! I live just down the road from the original LeMay collection at Marymount.
  2. Well, the terminal adapters are kind of Mickey Mouse. 😅 Yeah, the Valiant was hiding in the background in that picture. The body is a bit rough. That one had been off the road since 2004, The previous owner had passed away in an accident and I bought it from a family member. It was parked in the bushes for 15 years and it definitely shows in the floor pans (or lack of in some spots). Thanks for noticing!
  3. Thanks, Sam! I agree, that's something I need to do. I had a terrible problem with fuel system rust and put that on there before I replaced the fuel tank so I could see what was coming through the lines. Its all new from front to back now so you're right, that filter needs to go. Edit - Those battery terminal adapters aren't there anymore, I had a side post battery left over from one of my Camaros and used it while I was testing my HEI.
  4. No problem! I'm 38, but I've grown up wrenching on cars since I was a teenager. My first vehicle was a '63 Chevy II station wagon with a 194 six. My stepfather helped me work on the car and taught me a lot along the way. After a couple of years we rebuilt a 327 and replaced the 6. I moved away (Army) for 8 years but while I was gone I couldn't stay away from wrenching and got into Corvairs, 80's GM F bodies and G bodies. I did some pretty extensive backyard tinkering on the G bodies especially - boxed frames, fabricated 4 link rear end swaps, rebuilt Olds 455, etc. I missed the style of older iron but wanted to learn something different than a GM platform and found an interest in Mopar A bodies. They're relatively affordable and a lot of fun - started with a 318 swap in a 66 Dart GT and most recently have been working on a 1964 Valiant. With the Valiant I comited to trying to keep the vehicle mostly stock and just using it as a fun cruiser. Its a 170 slant 6 car and I've had a blast with it. I put a new fuel tank and sending unit in the car and ran all new brake lines with a dual master cylinder upgrade. Restored the gauges and push button transmission selector, rebuilt the carb and unfroze the manifold heat riser and recently upgraded the ignition to an HEI style. I welded in a new spare tire well. It still needs some floor patches. While learning about the slant platform, I read about the flatheads that predated them and wanted to learn. I looked at a few 40's Mopars that were in far worse shape (and a lot more money) than the DeSoto, so patience paid off for me. I'm very much a DIY'er and I would prefer to spend an entire weekend on a simple job than pay to have it done. I'm mechanically inclined, but I do like to learn and this is my first vehicle older than 1960's era, so it seems I've got my work cut out for me.
  5. Thank you! The car has been in the same family since purchased new, the sellers were a little emotional as we finalized the purchase. I found some service tags inside of the drivers door and just as the sellers said, it was parked for a very long time. The difference between the current mileage and what was recorded on the 1984 service sticker is less than 50 miles.
  6. Thank you, let me try again. Hopefully these aren't too small.
  7. Where do you recommend hosting photos? I tried uploading a link from a few different sites and wasn't successful.
  8. It looks similar! I'll get some pictures once the hood is fully opened and hopefully I'll get a better look at where the cable enters the firewall.
  9. Well, I was at least able to pop the hood latch. I traced the cable back and found a small section accessible through the fender well and gave it a tug. It looks there is a cable coming through the firewall with "C" on the handle that could be the hood release latch, but it's rusted solid and is going to take some work to loosen. Next issues are the hood hinges themselves, guess what? Rusted. PB Blaster and patience, I'm hoping to at least have the hood open before the sun goes down tonight.
  10. Thanks, Keith. I'm actually kind of stumped here. I see pictures of some latches online that appear to hang from the bottom of the dash by your left knee. I've got a few holes along that location, but no bracket or cable.
  11. Thank you for the welcomes and the information! Just got her unloaded and am taking photos and inventory of everything that came with it. I'll upload photos later. I appreciate all of that, Rich! I may take you up on the offer to contact. The car is a 4 door sedan. Its a Custom with a fluid drive. So far I've found 3 of the wheel caps and trim rings. Main issues right now are all 4 wheels are seized so she doesn't roll, and I feel kind of silly but I can't find the hood release. I thought I read it was between the grill and radiator underneath the car, but maybe that was another Mopar model. Does anyone know where the release is located? Thanks, Austin
  12. Hello, just joined the forum and wanted to stop in and say hello and also comment on what an amazing resource this forum is. I've been looking for a flathead Mopar project for a few months and just purchased a 1946 DeSoto 4 door sedan this morning. Its being delivered to my home within an hour and I'm pretty excited to get started. Most of my project cars have been 60's era up to this point, so this is by far the classic-est car I've ever owned. I've spent most of the last year working on a '64 170 slant six Plymouth Valiant and absolutely love the motor. The DeSoto was last registered in 1993 and has been stored outside, off the tires, on a concrete pad. I'm told that the car had been garaged for a period of time before 1993. The body is solid, most of the trim is present and I haven't found any cancer which is odd considering the projects I usually drag home. It is covered in a layer of algae and grime, though! The car doesn't roll so at this point I don't know if the issue is locked up brakes or transmission, hoping to get into that today. Looking forward to joining the community.
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