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  1. Mine runs along the top of the driver's side door but then I lose it.. does anyone know where it ends?
  2. Hi hang, Can someone tell me where the fuel sending wire leads to.. doesn't say in the book and I'm afraid on pulling on the wrong wire forward of the back seat.. also what gsuge ?! Thank you!
  3. I just got rubber sheets from home depot 1/16 inch
  4. I appreciate the picture Bob.. my dilemma are the hooks.. which way are they facing
  5. Dj I strengthen then to clean them is why
  6. Can someone show a picture of the proper placement of the fuel tank straps.. Manual doesn't provide.. tank you!
  7. Good morning guys Can someone tell me what size the wires are at the fuel sending unit.. my manual is cut off at the back of the car only shows the turn signals .. thank you
  8. I was gonna say ... I didn't come across that lol.. thanks sniper.. I'll take that hose with me when I go to the parts store...I was concerned with the material.. seems almost cloth like.. original maybe ? But if rubber is fine than rubber it is
  9. Secondary queation. I've been looking for a replacement hose that's connected by the two claps with no luck. Any universal type hose that is fuel tank safe ?
  10. Thanks I was able to fish the tank and the pipe on through as one. Mighty rusty little screws I will have to deal with tomorrow.. say, while pouring the gas out a bolt came out.. the sending unit looks to be on tact.. any idea what that could be? I tried to upload a picture but it didn't let me.. it was pretty large.. like a fitting of some sort
  11. Trying to drop the tank.. I've removed the two bolts holding the straps.. removed the sending wire.. the fill pipe is what I'm having issues with. Please advise
  12. Can someone send me a picture of there setup to include the linkage bolt.. not sure if it goes above or below also the snap ring is being a real PIA. If I put it in first it won't leave any play to cover the manifold side bearings
  13. Thank you sniper.. btw I went ahead and ordered a new fuel pump.. did the gas can steps and no workie 🤷‍♀️
  14. Can someone tell me what the purpose of the wire connected into the tank from the trunk is for? It looks really brittle If I were to replace it what Gauge is that
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