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  1. does anyone have the actual brake tool for measuring drum and setting shoes? John
  2. does any know when headlight relays first put on dodge autos? John
  3. Have a 41 dodge would like to know your experiance with your original headlights . no matter what i have done with mine still have dim output . New wires nos headlight switch an instrumt panel switch. Made sure ground was good.pls tell me your experiance. John
  4. hi anyone know where I can get the 90 degree brass fitting on carb going to vacuum advance via metal line I striped mine? John
  5. have a 41 dodge fluid drive . does anyone know if these ever came with overdrive? never had this car over 55 sounds like its going to take off . John
  6. thanks for replying ..The car was hard starting when hot so i was playing with the carb float and also installed another auto choke and this is what i dont understand went to start it it cranked really slow like too much compression then after 3 trys it fired up running rough . listening out of tail pipe sounded like valves missing. shut off tried again same thing. later pulled all the plugs cranked it and it turned real easy. is it possible the chain slipped a tooth or if it did would it not run at all? Im am going to pull the tappet covers off and see if whats going on .the manual says to ch
  7. can anyone tell me this is a 41 dodge trying to set timing and the mark went past where I wanted it if iwent back counter clock wise would it damage timing chain ? John
  8. have a 41 dodge with fluid drive what should the idle be set at ? John
  9. What would you recommend lowering the float about an 1/8 inch? John
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