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  1. Hi, I bought a working 241 motor and attached transmission from a 1941 Chrysler Coupe for my PowerWagon. So I do not need the transmission, clutch or bell housing. Can you help me identify what type of transmission and coupling this is so I can list it for sale for someone that can use it? Thanks
  2. Hi, My 251 motor in a 66 PowerWagon gets water in the oil, badly. Just sitting, I get water into the oil pan. The engine does run, and I get 85-95 psi dry compression in all the cylinders, and the plugs all look black, none seem to have been "steam cleaned". So, from what I read, head gasket seems to be OK. Besides a crack in the block, any other possibilities? I have a 241 motor To swap in, but I'd like to keep the original if I can. Thanks
  3. Hi, just found your earlier reply. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'd like to join this forum. I have a 1966 PowerWagon that I'm working on, in eastern Pa. It's in really good shape, with a flat bed in the back, but I think the motor is toast, so that's where I need some immediate advice. I'm new to old cars/trucks and flatheads I see reference to a membership form but can't seem to find it. i have registered on the site, obviously. Thanks, Dan S.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum, bought a 1966 Powerwagon a few months back and am starting to work on it. Need lots of advice! Thanks
  6. Hi, if I use the corner headbolts to attach my engine hoist to my flathead, do I need to ease them all or can I just loosen the 4 I need?
  7. Thanks, it does have a port in the head. The cracked 251 that came with my wm300 had it in the side of the block, driver's side near the back.
  8. I found a rebuilt 241 from a 1941 Chrysler to put into my 1966 WM300. It does not have the block bored for the temp sensor. where the 251 has it. Can I put the sensor into the heater line? Also, Seems the best hoist points are the cylinder head bolts. Can I undo just the corners and then re-torque them, or should I ease them all, and then retorque, or will I need a whole new gasket? Thanks
  9. Hi. Just got a 66 Powerwagon two weeks ago, knowing it may have a cracked block; the oil turns cloudy after 5 minutes running. Pulling plugs tomorrow to see what I find. There's a running 241 engine with a Fluiddrive from a 1941 Chrysler ,with overdrive, for sale. Will that engine bolt to my manual trans? I've read about the crank projection but folks seems to say all 25" block engines have the same projection and will work. Also, how popular are the fluiddrive transmissions, i.e. how likely I can sell it? I'm told finding a running 251 for sale is hard. Thanks
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