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  1. I got all my hubs done just the other day and the lug nuts you are talking about will work perfectly. I did a test fit with the one I have so far. Hopefully once we get past this COVID19 pandemic and get back to work I can start saving for the other 3. Thanks for the reply,
  2. If I may ask, what multilug wheels did you put on? I'm planning on Cragar S/S unilugs. I used the same Dorman 610-258. I drilled the lug holes out to 15/32" (at the advice of a previous post) but the hole was too small(still to much thread in the hole). So I went to a 1/2" bit. I had a buddy use a large press but the 1/2" holes were still not big enough and he trashed my rim (which I am searching for a replacement now). I ended up using a 17/32" bit and the studs went in with a hand punch and 3# hammer. I cant believe you were able to pull them in with a ratchet when a big press wouldn't get them in. Thanks, Donnie T
  3. Andyd, what does UNF stand for? Thanks, Donnie T
  4. Thanks 61farnham, My bushings look really good. The old thread was very informative though, thanks. Donnie T
  5. Thanks John, I appreciate your reply. I haven't got the room for a press so I took my new M/C and pivot pin to a popular and experienced machine shop. It was so tight they had to use their largest press. When I got it back assembled, the one end had mushroomed and cracked were the clip goes. It should work fine now after some filing. I wish I would have suggested they heat up the M/C first. Donnie T
  6. New guy here, right in the middle of replacing all brake parts on my new 48 spec. del. I wrestled the M/C out of the car and disassembled it last night. I am wondering if there is a special tool for removing the horseshoe clips that I have found on the ends of the pivot pin for the pedals and on the brake shoe anchor pins? My other question is about the press y'all are talking about to put the new pin in the M/C, can you tell which press I need to get? I appreciate any help I can get. This forum and all your knowledge has been a huge help to me already.
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