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  1. I think experimenting and taking things already created and changing them and modifying them into something different is built into some people. And I believe it's been that way since man began walking the earth. We all have different things that drive us (no pun intended) and give us satisfaction. I would venture to guess that 99% of us on this site get a great amount of enjoyment from working with our hands. Whether it is just maintaining our vehicle, adding little performance or safety upgrades or the ones who do the full blown drive line modifications. Myself, I can only afford to have 1 antique car. I would love to be able to have a bone stock fat fender and a hotrod. But that's not financially feasible. But I do want to drive it. And drive it a lot. I want to drive it everyday! I have 30 miles of interstate between me and work everyday. Sure I could take old county hiway but I'd still be 20 mph under the speed limit. These days that is not safe. My plan is to modify to the point where I can drive my 48 on the interstate, safely at interstate speeds. And I love working with my hands and creating and modifying. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate the ingenuity and creativity that went into originally building my car. It amazes me when I think of what they did in the past with only pencil and paper. A saying I learned long ago and try to practice is "Live and Let Live". Who am I to question others motivations unless I step into their shoes. I bought a 48 Plymouth special deluxe that had the old flattie pulled and they put in a straight 6 Chevy and 3 speed. My plan is to go back Plymouth (Hopefully this gets me some brownie points after my rant). But I'm going with a 67 Belvedere 273 V8, auto and rear end. I'm also a student and fan of 1960's technology. But at least it will be all Mopar! Donnie T
  2. Thanks guys. . The more I dig into the hemi, the more expensive it sounds. I found a 67 belvy 4dr for cheap that I think I could use the 273 and trans and even the rear end out of for my 48. I think I'm gonna jump on that for now. The motor ran well when parked about 8 years ago. Sounds like the rear end is one of the closest fits to the 48 as well. I may have to open a new thread for advice with the 67 Belvy. DonnieT
  3. You are right. Too go through all the work of busting it all apart, only to find out the block is cracked. The search goes on. Thanks, DonnieT
  4. It does say super red ram on the valve cover. Thanks I didn't even look at that.
  5. I don't know guys. Is this too far gone? Its been sitting quite a while. The $400 price tag is tempting though just to try to pull it apart. I shudder to think of how many bolts I may bust off. Lol
  6. The number i found on the block in front of the intake(or behind the water pump doesn't look like any of the numbers on this page. Not sure if I'm looking in the wrong place or what?
  7. Looking forward to it.
  8. Lots of great info and links shared guys. Thanks so much. I'm very intrigued. I was also considering the Super 6, but that may be a different thread. I hope to find just the right engine/tranny combo (hemi or Super 6) by the fall and let that be my winter project. I appreciate all of your knowledge and wisdom. DonnieT
  9. By extended block you mean its longer than the next series of hemi's? I had heard that the early hemis were smaller in size so they would fit better in the small engine bay of the 48 ply.
  10. I am considering putting an older hemi (51-58) in my 48 and am wondering if anyone here has done such a thing and how it fits? I found a 331, the guys is thinking about whether he wants to sell or not. I appreciate all of your wisdom on this. Donnie T
  11. That's very nice. Thanks Joe!
  12. excellent advice, thank you!
  13. Could be kuz i don't see it on the schematic. But I did find that the wire coming out of the bottom of the steering tube is connected to it. That is what led me to believe it was the horn relay. In the picture, it's the wire under the right screw. Which looks out of place. It has a bullet looking connector on it. Thx.
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