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  1. Dave ... I enjoy your youtube content. Welcome to the forum.
  2. How are you going to tempt the man with photos of your clock collection and not even offer to sell him one. That is just wrong... Hehehe.
  3. Bump ... just to see if anyone has any leads.
  4. Looks beautiful. I would be interested in the cost also.
  5. Congratulations to you! I am looking forward to seeing your progress along the way. It will be challenging but I am sure it will be rewarding.
  6. I see this (as others have mentioned) as a testament to how strong these engines are. I also see it as a testament of if you have the will to do something you will find a way. I saw a documentary on Amazon a couple years ago called "Havana Motor Club" which talked about the car/race scene in Cuba. Now a lot of the stuff that those guys did was really crude but fascinating. They did not have the modern tools and many times lacked parts, so they had to make do with what they had and learn on their own along the way. This video kind of reminded me of that. And the fact that these ca
  7. Certainly a lot of it was pretty crude ... but it provides a good glimpse of some of these old engines. Just another perspective but provides insight. Also helps solidify that I will not be digging into my engine at any time soon. If it stops running ... then that is another chapter to explore. You just don't know what issues you will uncover at the age of these beauties.
  8. Folks I just came across this video on youtube ... Restoration of a Classic: Reviving the Chrysler 218 Straight 6 Flathead Engine For folks that are curious like me but too afraid to pull parts off my car that are still working this was extremely helpful. Just figured I would share.
  9. I did not go to ACE. I will try then out. Home Depot and Lowes had nothing close.
  10. Sniper, I tried that ... and no luck at the big box hardware stores either. I guess I will try a specialty plumbing shop during the week.
  11. I guess nothing can be easy when working on these old cars. So here goes. I ordered a rebuild kit for my carburetor (BXVES-3) on my '50 Coronet. Kit I got has a different needle valve and seat then the stock (despite the fact it is supposed to be a direct replacement). Anyway the new float and valve that came in the kit was a "Daytona Float Valve" which is supposed to be an improvement over the stock needle. However the inner diameter of the housing does not fit the stock fuel line. So frustrating. I went ahead and stuck with the stock needle setup but want to know if anyone of y
  12. It does open... not fully but sufficiently to let the air in. I also included some other day light photos.
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