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  1. That is shaping up to be one sick ride. Nice work!
  2. Stargrinder

    car cover

    I store my car outside and use a Covercraft (Noah) cover. Fits nicely and great quality. A little expensive compared to some cheaper options but I think it is well worth it. Breaths well and protects. They have indoor only options as well.
  3. Beautiful car. I personally would leave it the way it is. I think the visor detracts from the elegant curves your car has.
  4. Thank you for the recommendations gentlemen. I really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning that direction so I don't have to worry about cutting and trimming a rubber seal for fit. I am assuming there is no sealant required. You just use the rope to get the seal over the lip of the window cutout and the trim holds everything in place.
  6. Hey folks ... yes I have another gasket question on my quest to keep my car sealed up from the elements. I have been looking into replacing the windshield gasket on my '50 Coronet (with chrome trim) and see there are two options out there. Mopar-Direct has a two piece which looks like you have to size cut and fit yourself (and drill holes for the chrome trim on the vertical positions for $100 (the first two pictures), and Steele Rubber has a one piece already drilled gasket for roughly $230 (the third picture). I am leaning toward the SR solution. Thoughts?
  7. I would be very interested to hear how that goes for you.
  8. Very cool... Enjoy! Glad you got to bring some joy to the old man.
  9. Hey all... I really appreciate the feedback and opinions. I think I will order the parts from the Mopar-Direct ebay site and see how those work. I am hopeful for a better fit than the Steele Rubber set. I have no intentions of driving in the rain again but you know how mother nature can be at times. A 30% chance of rain can become a monsoon. Thanks again for the advice.
  10. Hey folks. I am trying to find a good set of rubber seals for my 1950 Dodge Coronet Coupe. I ordered some from Steele Rubber unfortunately the fitting was not the best. I could not get a good seal and when I was caught in the rain a few days ago they leaked. The seals were actually 1/4" more narrow than the old crumbly ones that I removed from the vehicle. I am looking at a couple other options: Andy Bernbaum - http://store.oldmoparts.com/a-weatherstripping/front-vent-window-rubber/a-373/ (no image available on the site) Rock Auto - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1950,coronet,3.8l+230cid+l6,1331806,body,vent+window+seal+/+weatherstrip,12489 Mopar-Direct - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-1952-Dodge-Chrysler-and-DeSoto-Front-Vent-Window-Rubber-Seal/172228071971 Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance. I am just trying to keep things dry if I ever get stuck in the rain. Thanks
  11. What rotors did you use? Are your S10 calipers 1990? For the 1946-54 Dodge and Plymouth Scarebird site used Ford Probe rotors and 1990 S10 calipers.
  12. I definitely appreciate the information as I start to plan this out in my head. By the way ... did you all go with the stock master cylinder or did you all use an aftermarket?
  13. That is quite the list of parts from different applications that you have aggregated into your solution. I appreciate you sharing. I would love to see pictures of the spacers and your mounting.
  14. Looks really good. I was thinking about doing the same but decided against it when the site said it would not work with the stock wheels. I may need to get some details from you on the spacer and your setup.
  15. Marc I could not agree more. This is a great site. I love learning from the experience of others.
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