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  1. Other than the polished aluminum beehive looks great, I know I will get 5-10 MPH more let alone if I add stripes...The one I ordered comes with a WIX 51071 filter which is very close to stock. Many thanks again. SIncerely Michele.
  2. Many thanks for the reply andyd. I really like the looks of the beehive filter assembly and have ordered one. Another reason is because the factory 3/16 lines into the 1/8 NPT fittings have a very small ID and I just like the idea of having 4AN lines to and from the filter for less restriction. Thanks again. Sincerely Michele.
  3. Many, many thanks for the replies. This whole flathead thing is a learning curve for sure. I think I'll keep it stock and go with the new brake (oil) lines as I have soft line and double flare tools.
  4. I could really use some assistance concerning the 52 Dodge 230 flathead 6 engine oil pressure lines. I have read just about everything that is available concerning pumps and filters (spin-on vs factory canister, etc.) but have not been able to find anything about the size of the oil lines that run from the engine pressure galley to the top of the stock oil filter canister. The current fittings are 1/8 NPT with small compression metal tubes to the filter and from the filter. My questions are: 1. Are these tubes made small to maintain oil pressure? 2. Can I increase the tube size using 1/8 NPT fittings and run 4AN flex lines to and from the filter? 3. Does it matter which outlet on the block the oil is taken from going to the filter? 4. How does the oil relief valve function and is it advisable to mess with the spring pressure? Many thanks in advance and any assistance.
  5. HI and hello to everyone. Many thanks for adding me to this forum. So far I have found answers to many questions concerning my "Money Pit". My late husband drove home a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe over a year ago and it has sat in the pole barn every since. I was going to sell it, but have decided to restore it, not to a show car but a good looking daily driver. It did start right off again (battery charge) and after 30+ miles, I got it into the garage and managed to remove the hood. So far I have found/purchased most of the replacement trim pieces, lens, seals, etc. I can use most all tools. In the past, I worked on many muscle cars with my husband including engine rebuilds, body work, tranny/rear end overhauls and have access to mig welder, gas torch, large metal lathe, sand blaster, gunk tank, and most every shop tool. Working on this 49 Plymouth (P-18) is a definite learning curve, for me anyway. I found the engine number on the block which is D42-I86500. Again that is D42- (the letter I)86500. If anyone can assist with helping me identify the engine and anything about it, I would really appreciate it. 1. What is the engine size? 2. What is the engine from? Currently I know I will need an oil pan as the one on it was used to either grade dirt roads or a test bed for ball peen hammers. Does anyone know of a replacement and where to get one? A new, aftermarket or good used one would be great. Many, many thanks in advance. Sincerely Michele.
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