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  1. I figure the same regarding the fuel pump...dont want to take any chances with that. I've been trying to trace down a "misfire" usually worse at high rpms...but even at idle...its smooth then a little rough...then smooth again...so the only thing left would be carb rebuild if fuel pump doesnt solve issue. As for coolant... level is good doesnt drop...and (thank God) nothing in the oil/pan. : ) Thanks all for your suggestions/advice !!!!! John
  2. Hi, everybody Here's my recent dilemma...my engine leaks oil like the "valdez" Oil pan and oil filter gasket..(next on the ta-do list) but yet oil level never drops...no signs of water and not a overwhelming odor of gas in oil My guess is a leaking fuel pump that is keeping crankcase full and also some "sputtering/misfire" at higher rpms which I think probably point to bad fuel pump as well. Thoughts/suggestions. Thanks ! John
  3. Joe 5hanks, will give that a try hopefully with success, if not prob next will be rebuild the the carb. The pertronix really helped smoothed it out alot, but as mentioned stumble and intermittent backfire at higher rpms. Always a work in progress. Thanks for the advice !!!! John
  4. Howdy all, Just an update, installed pertronix all went well, pretty straight forward simple install, running much better BUT ! A "stumble" at high rpms with a little backfire through carb, timing is tdc. So I will recheck ignition and then I guess start to look into fuel system carb/fuel pump etc. I did notice when i was hooking up vacuum gauge looking inside manifold(throughplug hole) it looked kinda wet if that means anything. Suggestion, advice always appreciated. Thanks, John
  5. Greg i checked for any wayward sparks in the dark coming from anywhere, all good. Choke does open fully, waiting for Pertonix to arrive with that, I will most likely change cap wires and plugs just to rule those out. Hopeing for success ! 🤞 Thanks !
  6. Check compression warm...also I forgot to mention plugs appeared to be sooty, actually slightly smoother after cleaning them. And other than the "mis" it runs pretty good.
  7. Howdy all, I am new to thses old motors, so some suggestions/advice. My engine has a miss, a little rough at idle, when Accelerating smooths out a little, then miss at higher rpms, I did do "static" timing, although distributor appears to be fully retarded, and points seem to be somewhat ("flimsy") but going to install Pertronix soon. The cap,rotor plugs and wires seem to be somewhat recent. vacuum gauge 18-20 a little "bouncy" also timing mark unsteady. compression test #1 100 #2 105 #3 100 #4 100 #5 100 #6 100 I believe that to be pretty good. So
  8. Thanks everybody! Although diff fluid change is complete...I'm going to take a closer look..."just because" : ) Thanks ! John
  9. Hi all, update: the differential does not have a "drain"plug only a fill plug. So any fluid would have to be sucked out I was lucky mine was pretty much empty 🙄 So with some Redline all is quiet now ! Thanks to all for comments/advice.. Happy motoring !!! : )
  10. Hi all...question. I want to change rear diff fluid and put in some redline 75w90 My question is...I dont see a drain plug...does anybody know the procedure/how this is done ? Thanks ! John
  11. Ok...here it goes (tail between my legs) wasn't the fuel pump...I was....umm...outta gas...fuel gage was not correct...was reading 1/2 tank sooo....put a few gals in...go to gas station fill-er up...get home...damn(aftermarket) fuel tank filler neck gasket leaking at tank....pumped out 15 gal of gas....with that....also noticed engine running hot 197-200 degrees...more things on the "ta-do" list... Never a dull moment !!!
  12. Ok Thanks ! Everybody I have question said "good luck" trying to find-em...and I checked into restoring mine... YIKES !!!! I have been quoted 1500-2000 for restoration. I'll check Mitchell's obsolete. Thanks again !!! John
  13. Ol' Bessie (aka Frankenstein) A work in progress time and patience and it will get there.
  14. These old cars keep the mind busy : ) but for some reason she is running at the moment...I dont know what happend previously When it stalled as if it ran out of gas...fuel pump bowl was full but nothing squirting from carb (bone dry)...all I did was disconnect the fuel line from carb...crank engine to see if fuel pump worked (it pumped) reconnect...now running fine (at the moment)...so I guess to see if it happens again..hopefully not far from home! Thanks all for advice/suggestion !!!! John
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