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  1. Ok good to know. I don't have a photo of the front and yes the base has been snapped off. How, i am not to sure i wasn't with the truck when it happened! I don't have access to the base or the hand right now (long story) and they are currently in two different states! Thanks so much for the offer though, appreciated
  2. Oh wow thats so generous. Thank you Would that repair it well enough for it to be exposed to the elements (wind, rain sun etc). I have zero experience in that sort of stuff so really have no idea. Yes all the parts. Picture should be above. Failing that im guessing they are hard to come by?
  3. Thats the issue, the aussie side of things. Worst case ill need to get it shipped over here, if the vendor is willing. Where there is will there is a way! Thanks for replying to my thread, its appreciated. Andrew
  4. Thanks buddy! I guess i was hoping for something more local (Australia) for parts. Ill check to make sure they can deliver internationally. Thanks again
  5. Hi guys, starting to look for parts. Do you have any particular websites or places to go search for bits and pieces? Currently after right rear quater glass (mine looks like its been shot at!) And a right hand door including glass. Im going to try and preserve the original door as is as my pop did the original sign writing on it and id like to preserve and display. Also a "hand" mine cracked under pressure so to speak (see attached photo) Any leads welcome and thanks for your help so far!
  6. Looks like the "harden & john...." bit was the nsw distributor.
  7. Tony, you are a wealth of knowledge! The 108 CD Q22 maybe 108 CD 022. I've attached below, not on a thin tag though. Says "harden & john......." they are the best photos i have. So it appears the front is 58-59 but the tags say 55. If only i could ask my grandfather! Thanks so much for the info and help
  8. Hi all, How life has changed since i last posted here! Have a few updates, been able to get into the engine bay and found the followoing serial number 108C-D 184 (attached) any ideas? Also been able to find 108 -CD -Q22 and SPAR - 157 - 9327 Any ideas on those? Thanks for all your help so far!
  9. Awesome info peoples, thanks. Whistler eh, my old home for close to 4 years. Enjoy!
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the info gents, ill get on facebook and check it out. Looked at the car carrier you have suggested, i think the probelm is the rolling part! Ill keep looking, some one im sure will be able to help. One thing i also didnt consider and will need to look into is the permit situation for moving the truck up here. Good stuff gents, lots of hings to check out in the coming months! Cheers
  11. Wont be bringing it up till mid July. Was down there over Xmas to see the state it was in and get some photos. Im thinking i may need some professional help to restore, my lists of concerns are growing! As Tony mentioned may also need to consider getting it professionally removed. Im happy to drive it back (my car at that stage will be in Sydney anyway) just the loading may cause issue (and i have very limited time down there to organise). Im sure ill have more questions over the next months, and as always any tips and tricks most welcome!
  12. Thanks for all the thoughts and replies. Ill have a look into all of the above, trailer hire with winch and professional removal. Ill have to purchase a 12v inflator and will take that with me as well. Tow vehicle wont be a problem i have a late model Ram. This all has been very thought provocing and appreciate the knowledge and replies. Like i mentioned prior to here i was heading into dead ends with my enquiries. Still few months away so ill keep researching and enquiring. Thanks again
  13. Fair comments! Didnt even contemplate the shoes being stuck to the drums! If that has happened whats the best course of action? Truck has been sitting since 1970 when it was last driven (forwards) into a shed. Once its on a trailer (which sounds like it could be difficult) is it better to travel with the truck facing forwards or back wards? Or realistically it doesnt matter? (my bigger problem getting it on the trailer?) Like ive mentioned trying to gather as much information as a can before removing the truck and bringing it home. I wont be seeing the truck again prior to removing it. Need to have contingnecy plans! If i plan for the worst case (brakes being seized) it can only get better!
  14. Hi, Thank you so much for the information. Its starting to make some sense to me. Ive been reading through the brochures but im unable to find a reference to 108CD or 108DD, could you please explain that to me? The numbers on the side now make sense (thanks again) so i guess all thats left is to look at the ID plate to work out exactly what it is. Im trying to prepare as much as i can before i get it up here (Im in Brisbane), ive downloaded the workshop truck manual. Is there anything else i should try and get my hands on before starting to restore? Also another final question (that most people on here can probably help me with), ill need to get it from sydney to brisbane (1000km/620miles) and remove from the shed that its in. Im assuming ill be able to hire a car trailer that has a winch (?!) and pull it out? The tires (undersandably are flat) may pose an issue. Is it worth sourcing new tires and putting them on so i can at least roll it out? Any help, links or information is more than welcome. Ive never really done anything like this before but am excited to get started! Thanks again for this information, i was really starting to get stuck prioir to finding this forum.
  15. Hi Tony, Theres two photos below, they are the same photo ive just zoomed in on the second one to try show the peddles better. Its the best photo i took of the peddles. It would appear (from the photos i dont have any recollection) they they go down through the floor. Not sure what that means though, hopefully you can let me know! Thanks again for helping me, ill probably be picking your brain when i get this truck up to me!
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