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  1. In the 40s - 50s Dodge trucks had inline 6’s as large as 331 and 413 cu in. Image copied.
  2. You mentioned French Lake Auto Parts. In the past I have looked for Chevy 216 and 235 engines from them. They almost always say without valve cover and oil pan. Why?
  3. Go to your dmv office. There’s got to be a process for that.
  4. “Dang gm never had a positive ground. Even though positive ground was used by others and seemed to be better then negative ground.” GMC has positive ground until they went to 12v, then negative ground. That tricks some old Chevy truck guys who assume they are the same. Muganic, Nice Car. Congrats!! I have a question: what is the shift pattern? Low back towards the steering wheel, then down. Second up to neutral, then forward, then up. High straight down? Thanks.
  5. Not a MOPAR, but here is the Powell Sport Wagon I mentioned earlier.
  6. My cousin and I rode in an old car behind my uncle’s pickup truck towed with a chain in pipe. Cousin steered, and it too had no brakes. My dad was mad when he found out about it. Those were the days. 😎
  7. I had the Dodge counterpart to this back in the early 80’s — Ram 50. Mitsubishi built. Really a good little truck, very dependable and rugged.
  8. Welcome Bill from another newbie. You have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Congrats! It looks great. I have always been a 6-cylinder Chevy pickup guy. 216s and 235s — OHV. So the flathead motors are new to me too.
  9. Thanks 888 for posting your question and everyone for responding. I saw a truck on eBay or somewhere that had a Truck-O-Matic badge and didn’t know what that was. A google search led me to this thread. I learned something new. Thanks.
  10. Newbie here. I thought the 8 bolt cranks were used in Fluid Drive cars/trucks. So they were also in (some) trucks...?
  11. The next time I’m in Wickliffe, KY to visit family I plan to get a picture of the old rusty pickup in front of a local auto shop. From the side it looks like a Powell Sportwagon, which really is unlikely that one made it that far east of the Rockies. This image is copied.
  12. Thanks. I didn’t know if the radiator would have to be moved forward. Now my questions are hypothetical since I don’t have a truck... yet. 😎
  13. Please be patient with a novice. I tried a search but didn’t find what I was looking for. How difficult is it to put a Chrysler or Desoto “long” 6 in a B or C series pickup? Thanks!
  14. I will try to find the picture I saw on the Studebaker forum. Someone put a Studebaker Champion small flathead 6 in a Corvette.
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