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    I'm a husband, Dad, Grandpa and friend to a few. Love old cars and golf
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  1. I did all they have are the retainer clips, I need the retainer
  2. Hey everybody. I'm just about done with my engine reassembly and saw that a valve retainer looks damaged. It would probably work but I would rather replace it. I have checked the parts sites, Oldmoparparts, Andy Bernbaum with no luck. If anybody would know where I might be able to purchase a couple of these it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks, I am not changing anything inside or out. I want it to remain as is. No messing around with permanent changes. Just wondering the best route. I've restored many cars but this is my second post war Plymouth. I really like the look of the split manifold with dual carb setup, but I was curious of if that would devalue the car.
  4. Very nice. I'm torn on how to proceed with under the hood on mine. I found this car in a guys garage. His Dad owned it since 1968, his Dad bought it from the original owner and it was in Phoenix ever since . It has 30k original actual miles. Everything and I mean everything is original to the car. Spare never out of the trunk. No cracks in the steering wheel , dash is perfect. So in your guys opinion, should I keep it as original as possible or do a mild custom look under the hood?
  5. The last time I did it I cut one coil and it dropped it almost 2 inches exactly. You just need to be careful on where you cut it to make sure it still lines up right with the bottom
  6. Thanks for the tip. I got some of the Aerostar springs from NAPA for $71.00 a long with 2 inch drop blocks. I had done the same with my 49 and it worked great.
  7. I noticed that the 48's springs aren't as tall as the 49's
  8. I have a 48 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2dr coupe. I am wanting to drop it 2 inches. When I had my 49 Business coupe I had read that a set of 91 Ford Aerostar front springs were exactly the same size as the 49's front springs and they were correct. I was just wondering if anyone here had experimented with any other springs for a 48. The front suspensions of the two cars are completely different. Any help would be appreciated.
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