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  1. Dear Dave. If you give me your address and leave the keys in it Id be happy to help (just kidding) crawl under that bad boy and see if the cable is even hooked up. Its possible that the installer flip flopped the cable?
  2. He shoots, HE SCORES! dam do you mind if I ask what hes asking for it?
  3. Back in 72 I found an R10 OD 3 spd tranny for my p18 for $75. If you can find one now itll set you back 2 gr or more. Because these OD trannys are getting so rare now Im leaning towrards a 3.55 rear end for next years project
  4. I cant remember yesterday but 50 years ago I used to put sawdust in leaky radiators. Check out this "hack job" 54 Plaza wagon pickup
  5. what I learned from this excercise (thank you to all the contributors here) is that you CAN do stuff you didnt think you had the skills to do. my sight and dexterity skills have diminished but now its a task I would take on. Come on its a 1 barrel
  6. I read a book by Wm Least-Heat Moon (yeah thats his name) called Blue Highways where he traveled the country avoiding the interstate when he could. A good read. He would rated a cafe by the number of calenders on the wall. The more calenders the better the food.
  7. I'm curious what a shop installed interior runs? Headliner, seats, door panels. Just a stock look.
  8. you should be able to drive that boat with your pinky. Once had a 50 chev that drove tons better with radials. (just saying)
  9. Priceless information. Thank you gentlemen
  10. 2 blade pedestal fan. Highly desirable circa 1940s could fetch $500-$1000
  11. I'm thinking about an axle swap next year. Or if I could change primary gear to get a little better highway speed (a little less rpms would be nice) I found a r10 tranny for my 49 biz coupe many moons ago, but that's a pipe dream these days. I swear we have the same cars mines just a plymmie.
  12. Most excellant. I'm curious what sort of work you're doing to rear axle.
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