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  1. service manual calls for different grease for water pump, really? lucky to get lubed at all
  2. I've emailed previous owner no help from him. Booger has a good home. That's all that matters, I guess
  3. Brought my unicorn in for new tags That wanted to lock me up. Great info guys THANKS!
  4. that surprises me, a man of your talent I would assume you have all the best Snap on has to offer. xmas is around the corner
  5. get that steering column out of the way so we can enjoy what were seeing youre killing me man
  6. certainly not looking for any names. but dont carfax searches tell you when and where cars were registered, or wrecked? they say all you need is a VIN #.
  7. Id like to know the history of my family tree, believeing Im the 4th or 5ith owner I think I sat alone for a long time, but I dont know cuz I only have 82 and 3 zeroes Id tried looking up my vin number but because I have so few numbers they dont recognize me Ancestry .com? Im from the Plymouth family so theres not many of us left Are you my Poppa? Booger
  8. Moonshine. theres a post in here as a survey with what oils are being run in flatties check that out youll find 3 out of 4 reponses run conventional 10w-30
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