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  1. on the drivers side I velcored the carpet perimeter down to access the MC up to the sill/threshold
  2. Im sure Marc is right about custom stuff. crazy pricey but lots of customs work and hard to find fabrics. I made my own door threshholds out of black vinyl cove molding.I like the smooth surface ez to sweep out. Thats a sweet car
  3. duct tape that thing together and keep it for a pattern. a Windsor or Royal? you need carpet my man. this is not a Plaza or Savoy
  4. If thats the original tank in that thing I cant imagine all the goblins floating around in there... dont find out the hard way like I did. the best $5 preventative maintanence youll ever spend
  5. theres a R10 OD on EBay starting at $1000 looks to be all there
  6. running at 60 mph and 3 grand rpm youre running the dog snot out of that little machine. No bueno, senior. just looking for longevity. get on that treadmill run your heartrate to 200 for an hour. thats not where I wanna be
  7. 1/8 cant be right!! Mikes carb reccomends float height at 5/32" 5/64? is that those really little lines? $10 for a retainer clip? Im in the wrong business
  8. thats a good point. Has anyone used a universal N228 1 barrel with good results?
  9. thats a D6H2. theres a lot of rust going on there. that nut on the intake flange doesnt look seated. when you replace those gas and vacuum lines, put an inline filter on. theres rebuild videos in the forum and on you tube. Lets see pictures of that biz coupe. get that thing running right before it catches on fire.
  10. did we get off topic here? thats ok cuz Im trying to catch me breath after looking at D24s 3 Strombergs(?) From my experience the accelerator pumps can be problematic. every fuel system needs a inline filter. Either get a rebuild kit with a ethanol friendly parts for your B&B or and dont run corn gas
  11. My 2 cents. NO CORN GAS No sea foam no nuttin
  12. something as simply as a condensor...been down that road
  13. wait a minute..Am I see double?
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