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  1. Was unaware that HEI wires fit particular dist. I thought there were universal wires. Thanks!
  2. I hated the poor fitting angled stock spark plug wires. those gotta go. are the HEI wires suitable? seems to be a lot of love/hate for pertronix. what do the Apostles sayeth? still running stock
  3. You keep frying condensors. No mention of remote ballast resistor
  4. check out carburetor center on the interweb
  5. Try Stock interiors for carpet etc. Do you have the little pin holes on fenders for SD badges? I might be able to find those for you
  6. god you did a number on that radio. mom wants her can opener back
  7. thanks Ed maybe see you at Back to the 50s (if they have the event)
  8. this is a car forum right? good to see the chatter in here. trying to keep things light. Im so glad my pop didnt drive fords. stay well everyone Id like to do a rear end swap with a 3.27 (good luck finding an R10 which I bought for $75 fifty years ago) my question is is it worth slapping on 265s to squeeze out an extra 4 miles an hour? (yeah)
  9. god I thought the 3.55 would be the answer, (freeway speeds) dammit now Im leaning towards a 3.27 swap out. thanks for the invite to club meeting, 48 but cant make it tomorrow. Flatheads Forever
  10. get down which your bad self. I admire you gettin after it! yeah harmonica balancer has issues
  11. stock interiors $185 Kantor auto $285 you get what you pay for (not always) Any thoughts?
  12. hey, no doubt am frq programming sucks. Im lucky to live around a large metro that has am stuff. Its nice to listen to a ballgame. thats about all thats out there for sure. Like LC sez theres some stuff out there, but not much, (chick talk, ligion,) I just want my stock stuff to work, before I get all tech'd out. Anytime I can fix sumpin myself iz cool
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