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  1. No but looking for something I dont have to rebuild every couple years No but looking for something I dont have to rebuild every couple years
  2. Ball and Ball carbs can be dependable but have their quirks. Mikes Carbs has a 1 barrel generic replacement out there. feedback please
  3. you sir have some stones! what a fantastic trip. Im sure the Cranny had some looks. Man I love Italy!
  4. snug up those mounting nuts to manifold
  5. they do not like corn gas. but float adjustment seems to be at fault. thanks to professor Sniper. I plan on rebuilding a DH1 over the winter just to have a spare handy
  6. moral of the story ethnanol gas eats up stuff
  7. Accelerator pump plunger gasket replace om B&B D6. YES!
  8. The accelerator pump plunger ring has been known to dry out with the ethenol gas. Hope its the first and not the later. Last I looked 40# of vacuum
  9. o boy here we go, you gotta new friend Sniper! Welcome to the Forum dude. good vibes to all you peeps in Fl.
  10. A flatspot from the stop sign on giddyup... AKK! something in carb? (B&B D6 or whatever) . Filter isnt old. Spray it down with carb cleaner. Nope. Put on backup carb. Same same ...Timing?
  11. you can get white lithium in a cartridge for your grease gun. made for water applications, marine etc
  12. Ok makes sense in SF!.As a young lad driving around the City in my VW bus. could always smell burning clutches. Glad I dont live on Lombard
  13. Ha! maybe keep it under 60 in the hairpins
  14. Its cute. Too bad it wasnt "real"
  15. I mean jeez.. all the Pentronix stuff??? from what Ive seen there seems to be lots of problems Just saying. New isnt always better
  16. FXD! Its all good , man. And I applaud your artistic jam! And Skinner! that technique is concours stuff!
  17. sorry I cant help with the brakes..but I will say this. Thats a primo biz coupe. Some might say if youre going brakes why not the disc conversion?
  18. Booger


    RPM calculator is a nice tool. I wouldnt go beyond 3K just to play safe
  19. Booger

    Vapor Lock

    Well a wise ol codger, Sam. Yeah VL is a real thing on a hot day. Lots of thing-a-majiggs and do- hickeys under that hood. get too many add-ons you forget what they do. now that these cars are getting alot older right along with us, they tend to need more attention. When I was a lad I beat the ever loving dog snot out of my Plymouths
  20. this, my friends, A great post!
  21. good advice. I bought a 3.54 pumpkin to make a swap. little did I know that my 49 P15 was an oddball 11 bolt . and now its sits in my garage :(
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