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  1. All, with pain in my heart I have decided a while ago that I would sell the P15. I have enjoyed working on her and very much enjoyed this Forum. Main reason is not enough time to actually work on the car (own business is taking a lot of time), when I started with the weather strips I was hoping to get to the next step (interior) but the glue (special 3M glue) did not hold. Very frustrating and the car was just collecting dust and deteriorating in the harsh environment here in Curacao. I have sold the car and today brought her to the new owner who will pick off where I ended, the car will move to the Netherlands where he has more time to work on her and has better tools. He will certainly look at this forum, I already gave him the link so he will probably also join. I would like to that all of you for these years of kind help, the funny remarks and great way how this forum has been able to keep it as friendly as it is. Would be great if the rest of the world could cooperate and defuse any irritation like I have seen here. Again thanks, I will keep visiting the forum and who knows maybe one day I will be having the time again for a classic car. John
  2. Hi Theo, good choice for the Forum, you will get tons of information here. Another Dutchmen , welkom Where in the Netherlands are you from? I am in Curacao so not that close. Car is looking excellent. I am sure people here want to see more pics, (interior, engine bay) John
  3. What an gigantic reset knob for the odometer..... oh no, it's the airfilter Great looking car and nicely detailed engine bay. John
  4. Fixed Got a new line, bent it a bit in shape (was a bit too long). No leaks and normal oil pressure on gauge. Thanks for the help ! John
  5. Hi Niel, not only with the P15, have had the gas issue with boats as well. Actually the length of the hose has not changed, the metal part (pressed) is bigger compared with the original and therefor the flexible part of the hose is shorter. Have the line out, rusted through. So not too bad to have that happen now. John
  6. Thanks Ed, will check with NAPA asap. Starting was a bit of an issue too, found the problem reasonably fast , the electric fuel pump kept pumping. Loosened the fuel line and there was no gas going into the carburetor. So added gas in the tank, let the pump do it's job. Started as a charm en sprayed oil like a oil well..... Should be fine later on today! John
  7. Ok, so I carefully removed the hose, don't think I put much pressure on the lines. It came loose on both ends hardly any power. Then took the hose to a shop who could replace the hose while keeping the ends. Costs 15$ so not bad. Then installed it. But getting the new hose on lines was a bit more difficult as the flexi part of the new hose is shorter and the hose is new. Thought it went well and I started the engine. Hose doesn't leak but oil spurted out of the lower line (into the block). I guess it must have cracked Is this an easy to obtain line (eg brakeline) or am I in a deeper hole now? John
  8. Thanks, that was my thought on the NOS one. Local hydraulic shop is a good idea, I know one here, will check whether he can make something that fits. Car is parked, not driving with this leaking hose. John
  9. Not yet addressed this issue Thought I had one with the parts for the car but that turned out to be a regular brake hose. Quick question: Would the NAPA hose work ? Reason I ask is that there is a NAPA on the island and probably can order it via them. Also , you can't see inside the ends of the NAPA hose, I think it should have a thread but with clip I wonder whether that is the case ? Alternative would be the Ebay hose, orginal. But NOS, would that hose still be ok or also dried out? Thanks ! John
  10. good for you Bob, hope teh rest of the move goes smooth so you can work on the cars soon again! John
  11. Just another definition for two-tone. The inside of the trunk seems red too ! John
  12. Took the Wabi out for a drive. Noticed that the oilhose to the oil pressure gauge is leaking, I believe that I have a spare. Anything special required when on changing ? I assume a straight forward swap. John
  13. Dutch commercial for insurance. Always had great ones. Love the look on their faces when they realize.... John
  14. last time it took a couple of hours of TLC.... Now, with the gas still in the carburetor she will start up after one short burst. I do have an electric gas pump that will run for a couple of seconds. Sparkplugs need to be changed though. I am every ttime impressed how easy these cars can start. It made a huge difference after I cleaned all the wire connections. John
  15. tapping maybe, spanking no.... I guess the logical explanation is that the electric fuel pump needed a lot of time for getting the carburetor filled during the attempts. but that is not as good as thinking she has feelings John PS. No oilbath filter, have converted to paper.
  16. Too many things going on so no time to drive the P15 let alone work on her. Had the weather strips in but they are coming off (3M so that should good stuff). So she was collecting dust and when I looked inside I noticed all kind of dropping (missing glass and there are other openings little critters can go through). Also had borrowed a motorcycle a couple of weeks ago and had spent some time on that too. Decided I needed to start her up but the engine turned but nothing happened. Opened the hood, also dirty. So I rolled her out of the carport, washed her. Still no running engine. Then cleaned the engine a bit (blow away the dirt etc). Still no running engine. Finally got the vacuum cleaner out and cleaned the inside. Tried one more time and she then started to cough a bit, another attempt and she was running. Let her run for a bit then took her out for a drive. had a nice drive although at one traffic light when slowing down on a downhill street I had a large cloud coming out of the exhaust. Probably oil that gets passed the cylinder rings. I have ordered a snake camera, mostly for the house as have some spots under the roof I want to check for debris causing leaks. But I think I also should be able to look inside the cylinder. Perhaps that also will give me some info. Anyway, I found it very funny that she only started after some serious TLC. John
  17. This seems something that could work ? http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/77 John
  18. Interesting & cool, would that be bulletproof glass with holes to shoot through? I like the tire and radiator protection John
  19. Randy & Lynn, a speedy recovery and hope you both are able to put this behind you soon. John
  20. I share your frustration ! In the Netherlands the general writing is so poor (papers included) it is scary. Then when people are talking they make major mistakes (not sure whether these will translate properly but the 'if' and 'when' would be the same in English. I had the experience with a flight attendant who said "if you arrive in Amsterdam" which made me worry a lot because the flight was delayed due to technical problems!). Where I live now, in Curacao , it seems worse, everything is pronounced phonetic and I really have problems understanding.... But I guess it is something of our time, languages evolve and I comfort myself that the current generation that has trouble with languages will probably experience sort of the same with the next generation ! Just my 20 cents (inflation!). John
  21. Greg, at least try to update (and perhaps uninstall first) the driver and the software for configuring the touchpad. I did this remotely for my son on his laptop (my mouse worked fine) and then whole worked again. That was a Synaptics touchpad. I checked your Acers specs and that one also has a Synaptics touchpad. I would download the latest one. Hope this helps. John
  22. Sorry to hear Randy, but anti-whatever software won't protect your webbased email (I guess that was hacked otherwise your whole computer would be exposed). Your email is a safe as your password is good! Make it a phrase instead of a word ( eg IL0vemyPlym0uth) and use numbers in the list as well ( o=0 , s-$ , a= @ etc) Don't use the same password for webbased systems. If you need to provide an email address for a site you can use a sort of a disposable one, in case it gets abused you can easily get rid of it without having to inform all your normal contacts that you had to change your email. Hope this helps the other forum members as well. John
  23. Hi, long time, too busy with other things in life. I know, I have to make better judgement calls and work on the P15. Anyway, finally had the idea to work on the Toro 800 lawnmower that was flooded. Really didn't look at it until two weeks ago. Still had water in then cylinder and oil reservoir. Took the oil out and emptied the cylinder and sprayed PB blaster in it as the cylinder seems stuck. Just took some parts off to see whether I could get some movement. The blade turns but the cylinder doesn't move (looking through the sparkplug hole). So I was under the impression that the blade would be rotating via a belt (?). Then took the top off (the part with the wire to start the engine with). Then tried to turn that and that moved. But the cylinder still doesn't move. So now I am wondering how that would work? I would think that pulling the startwire would move the cylinder at all times. Anyone knows how this works? I probably need to open the engine but was hoping for a lucky streak and get the engine running without opening up. Thanks for any advice on the Toro ! John
  24. Yep, dog is more important. She is getting old though. But she is active etc. It was one of those days , found it amusing. John
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