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  1. My father had a 1969 Chrysler 300 2 door bucket seats am/FM 8 track floor shifter and a 440 engine. That was in the late 70s .He was a Chrysler mechanic and always bought trade ins.
  2. Then and Now in Weymouth Massachusetts.
  3. I am rebuilding a fuel pump my question is the two valves with springs one should be facing up and one should be facing down? I'm not sure if I have them positioned in the right way? Didn't get instructions with the kit. Thanks for any help
  4. I have used restuarant strength oven cleaner, spray it on let it sit for a while blast it off. Works great !
  5. Thanks very easy to make.
  6. I am working on tail lights now .
  7. Also saved a 1950 Desoto nose from the crusher.
  8. Old flathead crankshaft and flywheel make a nice man cave table.
  9. I am also changing my oil pan gaskets my Fel-Pro gasket set came with two o rings that said to cut to fabricate new main cap seals ? They are round o rings . Has anyone else used them ?
  10. I have been to Robert's auto parts went up after work one day ,needed many brake parts and some seals. As I was rattling off parts that I needed he was walking around pulling them off shelves great guy I was very satisfied.
  11. The pump without the glass bowl is the one that was on the motor when I got it.
  12. I noticed both actuated levers are a bit different. It does look like they rub against the crank shaft do you think they would be interchangeable?
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