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  1. A 1950 Cranbrook hood ? Hanging from the ceiling in my garage .
  2. Found a use for a 1950 Desoto that was to far gone !
  3. Hi Tony all these sizes are approximately right 1=22 2=16 3=22 4=20 5=9 6=9 7=28 Hope this helps ! Bet you lived closer ! Lol Dave
  4. Tony hope the pics came through .
  5. Boody


  6. Tony Looks like the seat is 22 inches wide, the back is 22 inches high and the bottom is 18 inches deep . Trying to send pics still learning . Hope this helps. Dave
  7. I have a set I took out . I'll take some pics with a tape measure. If your driving by the state of Rhode Island stop by and take them . The passenger seat has hinges on the front mounts. If you tilt the seat forward there is a tool box under the floor with an access panel.
  8. this summer this summer I worked on the brakes if I had joined the Forum a lot earlier I might have done a rear end swap instead probably would have been cheaper and more efficient. Also put an axle seal in . The pinion seal is leaking I guess I need to borrow torches to get it loose . Will look up on the forum for tech on that.
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