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  1. I have used foaming oven cleaner . Spray in on let it sit for a while scrub and rinse.
  2. If you go to a heavy duty truck supplier they have a catalog for blower motors. There is all shapes and sizes with measurements.
  3. I have a 52 Dodge panel truck which I am having the same problem with the passenger door lock I got the rear door lock out. I drilled out the center of the lock and now use a square shank screwdriver which I cut the tip off and use as a key. Works for now till I get locks. Dave
  4. Boy is that a sweet looking motor ! I also noticed the rear bumper on the frame . Looks cool !
  5. Just thought about it I think that would bring it further away what was I thinking. Dave
  6. Just wondering could you put a spacer behind the flywheel to bring it out a little bit more? I think I might have the same issue. Dave
  7. Wow you guys know everything ! It is in good shape it's just a decoration right now never gave it any thought. Thanks Dave
  8. I have had this since the 70s . It was given to my father I dont know when . Not sure if it is a dealer item or an after-market novelty.
  9. What about the Hollywood Knights . Great car movie.
  10. Wow ! That sure looks great, but the steering wheel is on the wrong side ! 😉
  11. Boody

    Roadster P15

    Back in the early eighties this was my party van!
  12. Hello Dave from Rhode Island here,dont know if the panel truck will be road ready by then. There is The Newport Auto Museum on the way out of R.I. They do have a few Mopars there. You might be able to get a group rate.
  13. I really enjoy reading all the technical advice and ideas everyone has . I only wish some of you lived in my neighborhood. Dave 👍
  14. That looks familiar, mine looks just like that . It should look like this but I'm waiting fo a motor.
  15. Thanks Jeff hopefully will be driving it this summer
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