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  1. Working on my air cleaner. Just need to paint and find an air cleaner that fits good.
  2. Thanks! That was a quick response.
  3. Looking for a speedometer cable for a 1952 dodge panel truck. Would it be the same as a truck? Does anyone know the length? Thanks
  4. Yes the pickup does fit in the same place I needed a rear sump for my truck. Didn't realize the motor I found had a front sump was from a car.
  5. Has any one heard of or tried this carb?
  6. Did you put your motor mount on before you put your bottom pulley on??
  7. The engine and mount is out of the truck.
  8. When putting on the front motor mount on a flathead does the bottom puley need to be removed? The motor is out of the truck. The motor mount seems to hit the timing chain cover. Look likes mount only fits one way.
  9. This is the bottom fitting that I used in the block. The elbow in the bottom of the canister is the same thread.
  10. I did get an elbow and changed the routing of 1 of the lines. I can remove the starter now without removing the oil line. Thanks for the help Dave
  11. Thanks was thinking of trying that.
  12. Thanks thought the starter looked long . Have a couple have to check for different lengths.
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