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  1. My father was a Chrysler mechanic 60s to 1980s think I have a couple of ratchets also !
  2. Thanks that be fine also ! 🙂
  3. Found an engine and trany ,not sure of year or size. Serial # starts with P23 would that mean it's from a Plymouth and it's a 23 inch?
  4. I disagree I like the look ! Nothing wrong with minor changes it's about individuality.
  5. I can't agree more . That's awesome !!
  6. The worst part on the panel truck are the back doors . I dont know what he was as thinking. I will be attempting to fix this .
  7. When I purchased the truck I thought it was a 1950 . The truck was registered as a 1952 . When checking the vin also looked like a 52. I have found a 25 inch for $250 complete haven't checked it out yet says it ran good .my truck did have a 3 speed on the floor. Should the bell housing and clutch bolt up ? I also got an email from some one that has a D400 59 or 60 he is not sure of motor size but says it runs good. Haven't contacted him yet. Will be checking the 25 inch this weekend .
  8. I think he's talking about the front motor mount harp . How about the oil pan clearing the I beam ? I have an electric fan I could use. Maybe I should look for a 218 motor for a truck . Thanks
  9. Will have to look into it further , can't remember how much space there was between the cross member and the pulley or the oil pan and the I beam . Thanks
  10. I have a 52 Dodge panel truck that had a 218 23-inch Flathead 3 speed on the floor. If I found a 25 inch flathead 3 speed on the floor , would the bell housing and transmission bolt up ? Would the only issue be it would be 2 inches closer to the radiator? I'm guessing the exhaust and intake wouldn't fit ? My 218 was frozen and in tough shape. I think it would cost to much to rebuild . Thanks Dave
  11. I have used foaming oven cleaner . Spray in on let it sit for a while scrub and rinse.
  12. If you go to a heavy duty truck supplier they have a catalog for blower motors. There is all shapes and sizes with measurements.
  13. I have a 52 Dodge panel truck which I am having the same problem with the passenger door lock I got the rear door lock out. I drilled out the center of the lock and now use a square shank screwdriver which I cut the tip off and use as a key. Works for now till I get locks. Dave
  14. Boy is that a sweet looking motor ! I also noticed the rear bumper on the frame . Looks cool !
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