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  1. Thanks everyone! My grampa said he had hardened valves put in it so he could run unleaded 100% gas, so i gotta track some down, probably local marina is the closest. I would love to run pump gas but thats a s*** ton of work replacing stuff so ill just suffer for now.
  2. Any recommendations on cheap prices for either rebuild kits or full restored carbs w/ core charge?
  3. So i did some work on it the past two days looking at some stuff i thought it might be mixed with yalls advice. I went ahead and replaced the ignition coil, spark plugs and wires. Its been 14 years since those were replaced, so it wouldnt hurt. Turns out that had little to no effect. I adjusted the setting on the accelerator pump from winter to summer and adjusted the idle and that had a large change. It still stutters but if i give it slow acceleration i can actually get it to stay alive. I think i still need to do a carb rebuild as well as drain/replace the fuel and filter. No telling how long that gas has been sitting. Maybe once thats done i can get it to take off on a hill.
  4. So i inherited my granpas 1952 dodge B2B, and it runs and drives... sort of. It drives fine as long as i can get it to accelerate. Im new to these flathead 6s, but have a basic understanding of them. So i can get it to idle just fine, starts on usually 2-4 cranks, depending on temp. Once i get it idling and warmed up, or even cold, when i give it gas to try to move it, it stalls like its being starved for fuel. Adjusted the carb, and it does the same thing no matter how little/much fuel i set it to. Not sure if somethings stuck in there? Also am going to look at points/distributor cap/spark plugs/wires today, but im curious if anyone has had this happen and what did you do to fix it?
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