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  1. Once again I was MIA but got some work done this weekend. 4wd Dana 60 is located, leaf springs re-bushed, painted and reassembled. Blasted cab mounts and first coast of POR-15 applied. Hopefully this week I'll finalize the frame extensions since the Dana 60 spring perches are 3 1/4" wider than stock axle. Am able to keep the stock suspension all around, which was the goal.
  2. Welcome! Great forum and support here. Despite being MIA for a month, hopefully getting back to working on my project as well. Welcome aboard!
  3. hey all, sorry for the lack of updates. Travelled internationally for work and got busy working on the truck and didn't do any updates! Got the front suspension removed from the truck, once again the shackle end bushings in both the leaf spring and the frame mount are shot. Luckily the spring bushings are a common size(13/16" ID x 1 1/16" OD) so those are easy to find but the shackle end frame mount bushings are completely gone, and not common size so back to machining(after I travel again?!?). On a good note, finally found a engine, unfortunately it is not the turbo version I am looking for but it does have the lower configuration I need to ensure it fits in between the frame rails. I can do all my major powertrain layout with this engine, still needing to source the transmission and bell housing adapter(when funds get refilled of course :). I hope everyone is having a good start to the year! Oh, and look at the way the engine squatted my 3/4 ton truck. Good thing I am keeping all 7 leaf springs in the front of the Dodge when I put in this engine!
  4. finalized reassembly of my rear leaf springs. I removed the overload springs and 4 springs from the main pack, going from 10 down to 6. I do not need the load carrying capacity, and looking for slightly better ride quality but it will be some time before I can see if I chose the right 4 springs to remove. here are some photos of the cleaned and painted leaf spring pack, with top plate and u-bolts. When I return from India I will work on installing the Ford 10.25" rear axle then it will be time to start on the front axle, which is looking to be significant work, since I need to make frame extensions to mount it, since the leaf spring perches cannot be moved on the Dana 60 and they are 37-38" wide and my frame width in front is ~30"....lots of fab work!
  5. So finally got all the rear suspension bushings cut to length...only to find out that only 1 of them has the correct ID. Back to the lathe to remove material(and the bronze inlay is only a few thousandths thick to begin with). Ended up removing 0.001-0.002" to make the leaf spring bolts pass through the new bushings, and still have enough wear surface to feel comfortable. Lots of time on the lathe and many more to go! Painting the modified leaf spring/shackle mounts and cleaning up the first leaf spring. Ill get some photos posted but getting much closer to installing the rear axle. Ill be buying some true bronze bushings to see if they will fit as well, but I am not confident they will fit since they are 1 1/8(1.125) OD and my spring eyes are 1.130-1.135" but its worth having backups.
  6. Agreed, but since I cannot find replacements for the 1 1/2 ton trucks, Rare Parts makes them for the 1/2 ton, I need to carefully remove them so I can either make new ones myself, find someone to do that, but need good measurements, plus playing for a few hours on the lathe is always fun! I was able to get some B3 van bushings from Autozone that appear to be the correct ID and OD, but too long, so will most likely mill them down to length, but they are $45 each, and needing 4, it would be cheaper to build my own since 1 1/8" Bronze hollow round bar is <$100 for a 12" piece and I only need 10" plus a little. Lathe time is free at my friends, just how much is my time worth. Anyone have any thoughts if they know who may sell pre-made bronze bushings for the 1 1/2 ton? Also, 4 of the 6 "bolts", as Dodge called them, are shot. I am reaching out to DCM Classics since he was kind enough to call me back to see if they somehow have bushings. It appears they sell the 1/2 ton ones, but big truck parts are rare. Ill let everyone know what I find! Also, the upper shackle to frame mount bushings are super thin to begin with(from the factory), removing them would almost be impossible without damaging so despite there being some play in them, I wont be able to machine those myself so they will have to stay as-is. It seems the spring to mount and spring to lower shackle bushings take the most abuse. Happy holidays everyone!
  7. Yes bronze, sorry for the wrong metal. A few hours on my friends lathe and I made a press insert for removing the bushing from the leaf spring.
  8. So finally got the rear spring mounts uncut from the frame and had to use a press to remove the pins from the mounts to fully disassemble them. Took almost the max comfort level I had to press them out, they were froze badly. Unfortunately found that several of the brass/copper bushings in both the perch bracket and inside the leaf springs are oblonged and need replaced. Any one recommend a good place for 1 1/2 ton parts? I will be able to salvage the mounting brackets and bolt them back in the original location but will need new bushings to make them nice. Also, does anyone know can I just press out the brass bushing that is inside the leaf spring? Glad I have some time off over the holiday to work on the beast!
  9. sorry guys, been busy so not much work done. I was able to get the rear axle out last night, as well as finished removing all the cab and running board mounts. anyone have suggestions on how many leaf springs to remove? I do not need the 14K payload capacity, nor the incredibly rough(supposedly) ride when done so when I swap in the Sterling 10.25" axle I want to remove some leaf springs to increase ride quality. Also, still working on removing those darn welded on leaf spring mounts...cant quite get the pins out after spending some quality time with the hammer. Can I use excessive amounts of heat to help or will that damage them?
  10. Thanks 48D! Im hoping mine come out as easy as your fronts do, but I highly doubt it. Going to do that later this week I hope.
  11. Thanks! Unfortunately someone moved the axle 16" rearward and didn't drill a whole in the frame to drive it out. I'm going to build a puller and see if I can pull out using the grease zerk threads similar so what I think this tool does you show.
  12. Got some work done this weekend, frame is in the warm garage! Anyone know how to remove the spring bolts that hold the springs to the mounts? The repair book isn't very good and I don't appear to have the tool referenced in the book. DD-431 is the reference tool in the book for a headless spring removal tool. In the photo I removed the grease zerk.
  13. Super stoked my replacement body parts arrived today! Cab is in worse shape than I expected but still better than the cab I had. It barely fit on my 6x12 trailer! Now to find some axles that are not stupid expensive. Who knew a Dana 60 front axle would be almost $1000?
  14. I found both this link and another one for the division channel between the window and the vent window but havent ordered anything yet since Im still in scoping and initial work. I believe that the division bar is the straight one and then this other one(with the link) is ~8ft and would be trimmed down to fit your needs. Eventually I will need all these parts since I had to cut the windows out from the weatherstripping as it was stuck in place.
  15. Brad, is this what you are looking for from Roberts: https://www.robertsmotorparts.com/window-channel-without-chrome-dodge-truck-1928-1961-chrysler-dodge-desoto-plymouth-1928-1970-1 DCM Classics also appears to have alot of parts selection for this era of truck, do not know if anyone has used them but here is their channel I believe: https://dcmclassics.com/dust-and-air-seals/225-rw-107-door-window-channel.html
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