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  1. When I was a teenager my older brother got a 63 D-200 it was black with a long bed stepside and a wide block 318 and granny 4-speed; he let me drive it around the field and taught me the basics of driving a manual transmission. Today I was trying to get my new DeSoto running that I bought last weekend. Also black but with flat six and Tip-Toe transmission. Here is a picture of my tag under the hood; could someone help me decode it or point me in that direction please? I would like to know what the original color of the car was and what information the trim number provides.
  2. According to info on here and in the service manual I have, it says the spark from the coil should be bright blue and jump at least 1/4 inch. My spark is not blue and can only make like an 1/8 inch jump. Also, are these plugs original or at least very old? Lol
  3. No, I have at least 2 pairs of those in a box inside the car but if you zoom in on the passenger side fender you can see that someone replaced it with one that fit but is not for this car (different tail light)
  4. I thought the same thing about the spare, but the wood and set-up with the back seat/trunk is what pushed me over the edge on the decision to purchase.
  5. It has the Tip-Toe transmission in it. i picked up a new battery for it yesterday and it cranks over but has a weak spark from the coil, I’m going to try to hot wire the coil first to see if that helps before I change it or any other components because it has original wiring and I’m not sure how much current it’s passing along. Also, it looks like someone has put a newer points and condenser in it and I was wondering if there are different condensers for 12v and 6v set-ups and if so maybe someone installed the wrong one.
  6. Interior needs some work, seats recovered at least. but one of my favorite features of the Carryall is the fold flat back seat with the wood floor.
  7. Stopped by the car wash on the way home so the woman would be more accepting of my new purchase! Old car cleans up pretty good.
  8. Ok, S 14 that’s what I was wanting to know. Thank you I would love to post pictures but they are larger than 3mb and it doesn’t give me an option to resize them. I am doing all of this from my IPhone.
  9. Hello all, I’m new to this place and new to classic cars. I just purchased a 1950 DeSoto Carryall and I’m not sure what the body code is or where to find it on this thing?
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