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  1. Well guys thanks for all the advice. I had another snoop around today and sprayed some brake cleaner around. I did notice a little rise in rpm if I sprayed around the throttle plate shaft. The base gasket etc is all new, and I spent time cleaning the surfaces - so I highly doubt there’s any issues there. Right now, a leak past that shaft seems the most likely culprit. Which leads me to the question of, can I do anything to resolve that? Finding a direct replacement carb seems impossible.
  2. Hi guys, I’m working on getting a 50 Plymouth special deluxe back on the road, and I’m almost there. The last issue I’m fighting with, is a nasty hesitation/lag/stumble off idle. This only occurs when warm, and the automatic choke has opened up. I’ve gone through the following: - Rebuilt the carter carb, and I’m getting a great spray from the accelerator pump. - Replaced points, condenser, cap and rotor, plugs and wires. - Checked vacuum advance at distributor - all ok. - Measuring around 20in of vacuum at wiper port on manifold. - Played with base timing - no real change: If I disconnect the auto choke rod, and wire the choke plate almost shut - I have great throttle response. This suggests to me a lean condition, but I’d appreciate any input! Oh and it starts and idles perfectly.
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