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    Bought a 47 Plymouth special deluxe. Trying to restomod it.

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    33 years old, new to the restoration thing. Trying to do new things and see how much I learn.
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    Ford tech


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    Shooting and 🔧

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  1. Hello, I'm asking for advice. I have a 47 Plymouth special deluxe, I am trying to remove the front end, but I was told by the previous owner that if I remove the front end like the side fenders, I will loose the body shape or the alignment will not be right? He said to prevent this issue to weld a piece of metal in the trunk area for structure support? Not sure if I need to do this. I'm new to this restoration project and want to know if anyone else does this or just takes the front end out without welding a piece of metal in the trunk areas. Thanks in advance.
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