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  1. I see you have 7 strips like i do. But I do not have a step side.What were the widths of your boards?
  2. I can take pics of mine I just do not know how to put them on the forum
  3. I just tore my bed apart and seem to be missing some cross members. I have 3 c channel cross members but their seems to be a need for a rear support at the tailgate end and was told that their is another support in the front of the bed. Does any one know what actually is needed in the bed for supports? Also someone was saying someting about L brackets and such.....HELP ME
  4. I am not sure if it is the same as my 52 B3
  5. I have begun tearing apart the bed on my truck. Seems to me like 2 cross members are missing to support the bed. Anyone have a good tutorial or specs for the parts needed and the type of wood? I have the shop manual and the parts manual but neither has any info.
  6. My truck was semi switched to 12v basically a alternator and 12v bulbs and that's it. I have the schematics from Dave Erb and the CAD drawings that have been done but these are for a stock rewire and I would like to add a fuse block to the firewall and wire everything fused.
  7. How do you tell the difference between a B4 and a B3. I am looking at wiring diagrams and wanna make sure I am looking at the right diagram.
  8. I have a 53 B3 and it was previously converted and I am in the process of a complete rewire since the last owner us like 50 1' pieces of wire to Frankenstein this together.
  9. That is to bad he was so knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
  10. Also has anyone ever done something like this but used a fuse block mounted to the firewall?
  11. Mine shifts nice just a little sloppyish but i started getting a little grinding lately when i put it in gear and shift
  12. How do I make sure my linkage and all is adjusted properly. Also how do I adjust the clutch?
  13. I did, This was response to a post from a few years ago sorry
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