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  1. It looks like it’s packed full of grease, so I’m guessing it was leaking back in the day so I’m guessing in the very least it would need seals and gaskets
  2. I’ve got most of the components in the engine bay of my 1958 Sweptside rebuilt like new, and the 303 v8 engine is in for machining. Im now at the point of refreshing my steering gearbox and I would love some tips and advice as to what to do with it. I have the factory manual steering gearbox in my truck, and it has surprisingly very little play in it when you rock the steering wheel side to side; the tires start to turn almost instantly. The steering adjustment screw is not tightened all the way in for adjustment, which I also understand is a good thing. Ive r
  3. Great tips; thanks. can you share the method you used to pry open those spring clamps?
  4. Starting to tear down my factory springs off of my 1958 Sweptside and I have a couple of questions. The front springs at the thickest parts are held together by the center bolt, plus 2 “C” shackles that are held on by a bolt and nut. tye last 3 longest springs are held together by the clamp style band that you can’t unbolt. How do I go about Remington the clamp band holding the last 3 springs together, and how is the best way to re install them once my leaves are sand blasted and painted? second question is regarding lube in between the freshened leaves during reassembly.
  5. No, it’s the mounting bracket that is riveted to the frame that the C shackle mounts to. Was easy to find new rear ones, but not having much luck finding fronts
  6. I have my frame fully disassembled and ready for sandblasting on my 1958 Sweptside truck. As per usual, all 4 C shackle to frame brackets are badly worn out and very oblong. i was able to find new rear shackle to frame brackets on the internet, but I see that the fronts are different (a smaller bracket). Does anyone know of a source for replacement front spring shackle to frame brackets on a 1958 dodge truck?
  7. What type of paint are you guys using on your frames and suspensions?
  8. I’ve got the frame of my 1958 Fargo Sweptside fully stripped and ready for sandblasting. i want to restore the truck as close to factory correct as possible, and I was wondering if any of you guys and gals that have restored a similar truck could help me out with factory correct suggestions. The frame of my truck was obviously black, as were the rear and front axles, but other than that I have no idea what the factory correct finish would have been on things like the springs, steering link rod, bolt to the frame shock mount brackets, clutch and brake linkages, etc would have b
  9. Thanks; ordered up a set from Roberts parts today
  10. I havent; does Jim have a business or does he do decal privately?
  11. Does anyone know of a source reproducing those triangular orange Chrysler air cleaner decals by chance?
  12. Does anyone know a supplier of the oval clutch and brake pedal pads that are on my 58 Sweptside? mine are really worn and I’d love to replace them with factory correct new ones.
  13. Thanks for the info gents. making the gaskets is always an easy option, I was thinking of a minor rebuild or refresh kit so I’m assuming gaskets would be part of that. The truck had been parked for 25 years when I got it, so I have no idea what the condition of the transmission itself is. obviously I will be opening it up and doing a visual inspection of gear teeth and synchros. IS there a way on the bench to get a general feel on the condition of a transmission? Things to look for, basic tests/sloppiness etc?
  14. Here’s what I have; I’ve given the trans a rough clean, but as of yet I haven’t found any identifying numbers. can anyone suggest where any ID numbers might be on it, or ID what transmission this is?
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