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  1. Thanks for the info gents. making the gaskets is always an easy option, I was thinking of a minor rebuild or refresh kit so I’m assuming gaskets would be part of that. The truck had been parked for 25 years when I got it, so I have no idea what the condition of the transmission itself is. obviously I will be opening it up and doing a visual inspection of gear teeth and synchros. IS there a way on the bench to get a general feel on the condition of a transmission? Things to look for, basic tests/sloppiness etc?
  2. Here’s what I have; I’ve given the trans a rough clean, but as of yet I haven’t found any identifying numbers. can anyone suggest where any ID numbers might be on it, or ID what transmission this is?
  3. My 1958 Fargo Sweptside has the factory 3 speed 3 on the tree transmission in it. im in need of a gasket set, or maybe a minor rebuild kit for it, but I’m not having any luck finding one out there. anyone got a suggestion for where I can source a 1958 3 speed gasket/rebuild kit?
  4. So I was able to acquire the roof mounted radio out of the 1960 dodge 1 ton truck. i don’t think it’s the exact correct model 700 radio but it’s pretty close, and I think will look great in the Sweptside once the radio has been restored (as well as the truck!). my next quest will be to track down a correct looking roof antenna for it; the one on the 1 ton is long gone. I was told repos pop up from time to time on eBay; if anyone out there has a line on an antenna, let me know!
  5. I got info from a buddy that lives several hours away that on a farm there is a late 50’s, perhaps 1960 1 ton dodge truck in a field that has a roof mounted radio in it that appears to be factory. Before I get too excited, did dodge make more than 1 style of roof mount radio? what years was the model 700 radio available? i should be getting pictures in a day or so, and obviously I would love this for my 58 Sweptside if appropriate. i suppose there is the chance it’s an aftermarket radio, but I wasn’t sure if there were different models or eras of factory dodge roof mounted radios.
  6. A couple of quick questions regarding mirrors on a 1958 Sweptside truck. i have the mirror arms on the doors of my truck, but the mirror heads are missing. what shape would they have been from the factory? also, can someone post up a photo of what the correct rear view mirror inside the cab would have looked like? would a 59 be different than a 58?
  7. I’m definitely staying stone stock on this truck due to its super rarity. There were 11 Fargo Sweptsides made in 1958, and 3 of those came with a V8. This one has the matching numbers V8 still in it (although it’s seized and will need a full rebuild)
  8. Just starting I to the restoration of my 1958 Fargo Sweptside. The rear springs, rear frame mount point for the shackles are worn extremely oval from wear and tear. I’m looking for a couple of those frame brackets to replace my worn ones. Does anyone know of a source for these?
  9. So I measured the top of the notes and get a consistent 3 13/16”. Does that translate to a 313? I’m assuming it does!
  10. Will do Tony; any suggestions on the best way to measure the bore to be sure? Also, would it make sense to have a 1957 dated engine in an early 1958 vehicle?
  11. Thought I’d throw this in its own thread since I have a different one regarding the heads off of my engine. i own a 1958 Fargo Sweptside, one of 11 made in 58, and 1 of 3 with the v8. The truck I believe has the original v8 (which is seized) or at least I’m really hoping it’s the factory v8 on this rare beast. i know Canadian numbers can be goofy but I thought I’d post it up anyway. The number on the boss on the top passenger side of the engine is KV-182 62C. Can anyone help me out with interpreting this number?
  12. So I was able to pull the pin as suggested and slide out the rocker shaft and all of its parts pretty easily. cleaned up the inside top of the head a bit and found the casting numbers, and a yellow factory paint daub. The 2 different numbers I found are, A177 7, and then to the right 1618721-1. Wondering if these numbers line up with being original to my 58 Canadian 313? im 99% sure the engine hasn’t been touched since the factory, and I’m really hoping everything is matching numbers since it is such an Uber rare truck.
  13. That’s exactly the design of my v8; thanks for the info!
  14. Doing a rough rear down on the engine in my 1958 Fargo Sweptside truck. I have the heads off and want to remove the rocker arm assembly. The shop manual is pretty vague on the removal process. it looks like the “bosses” that attach the rocker assembly to the head are cast and part of the head itself; if that is the case then I am assuming I have to slide out the rocker shaft out one end and remove all of the parts asi go? can anyone shed some light on the removal process? I really don’t want to damage or break anything.
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