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  1. I will be picking up a set of 7.10/15 wide whites for my 47 coupe, wheels will be blasted and coated. Question is what are the feelings about tubes or tubeless?
  2. In perhaps an over abundance of caution just replaced 47 Dodge fuel tank w/one from Bernbaums. Old tank does not leak w/minimal rust on-outside. Free to anyone that could use it. From LA too good to discard. Located in Mass. Sorry if should be in classified.
  3. Putting 47 D-24 back together and have several interior questions: What is everyone using for the waterproof membrane inside door cards? What is the correct orientation (skinny end front or rear) for rear armrests? Is the thin metal backing plate the only thing that keeps the armrests from pulling through the cards? Thanks in advance!
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