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  1. Sam, thanks for this tip did the conversion over the last couple of days and it went just as you described, thanks again.
  2. If you still have the heat shield the screw closest to me in your pic is removed and the stud on the old pump is installed in its place. It supports the bottom of the shield. The top is held by a manifold nut and the bottom by a wing nut atop the stud. Good luck.
  3. Looking to replace springs in 1947 original equipment turn signal switch.  I know you had similar issues quite some time ago.  Do you know of any suppliers? Thanks!

  4. Do you have a pic of the innards, particularly springs. Mine is very sloppy suspect one or two are missing?
  5. Anyone recall bolt size required to pull D-25 steering wheel? Thanks!
  6. MikeS


    Thank-you Sam, I will go w/60.
  7. MikeS


    Sorry Bill Howard - too many birthdays!
  8. MikeS


    Looking into winter project thinking about converting existing generator to alternator. Looks like most folks have dealt w/Bill Thompson. Question is amperage it appears he has from 60-150 plus amps available. My thinking is sticking w/60 amps. Will maintain positive ground and have 00 cables. What do you think?
  9. I will be picking up a set of 7.10/15 wide whites for my 47 coupe, wheels will be blasted and coated. Question is what are the feelings about tubes or tubeless?
  10. In perhaps an over abundance of caution just replaced 47 Dodge fuel tank w/one from Bernbaums. Old tank does not leak w/minimal rust on-outside. Free to anyone that could use it. From LA too good to discard. Located in Mass. Sorry if should be in classified.
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