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  1. Good point (no pun intended 😉 ) Greg! I haven’t gotten as far as looking into the distributor, but I’ll chase that path down as well. I did have a Studebaker for a short time and it too was 6v positive ground. Some PO had installed newer battery cables and I finally painted big +’s and -‘s on the cables and battery to keep me from forgetting. I recall replacing the generator with a 6v alternator to better handle a 12v wiper kit that had been installed in that car... Thanks again, Tony
  2. Thanks Andy! That’s great advice and input! Tony
  3. Thanks again DJ! I think the ducting for the “toe vents” is missing and the vents themselves are now covered (pic attached). I think I now know what you refer to as the “louvered look” vent under the dash (pic attached). I’ve also located the defroster fan and ductwork you’ve referred to. The wiring to all is a mixture of original cloth covered (with some bare wires now showing) and newer wiring. I have it on my “to do” list to assess along with other wiring to lights and such. Thanks again, Tony
  4. Thanks DJ! Where are the heater “vents” in the cabin? I don’t see anything that resembles a “vent” where the duct leads to. BTW, that duct appears to have been repaired with fiberglass “tape” and then painted. The fan/blower switch isn’t functioning, tho’ I don’t yet know if it’s the switch or a fuse or just the wiring. Time and a meter will tell 🙂 Tony
  5. Hi All, I’m new to both Mopar vehicles and this forum, tho’ I’m not new to older vehicles and have been driving old air cooled VW’s for nearly 40 years. I live in Southwestern Ohio and drive my old vehicles as daily-ish drivers until the snow and ice hits, and then start up again when it all thaws. My wife “stole” my ‘62 VW single cab truck and turned it into her retirement “jobby”, a mobile bookstore. To console me, she “allowed” me to replace it. I replaced it with a ‘49 Plymouth Suburban. It’s said to have been “restored” about 10 years ago, and for the most part, this appears to be accurate. I can’t speak for the condition right after said restoration, but it’s now in need of all the old car stuff I expect with braking, steering, suspension, and so on, etc... Given that I’m new to Mopar vehicles, and of this vintage, where should I start to educate myself? The typical mechanical stuff seems straight forward and it seems regular maintenance parts are relatively easy to come by, but are there “favorite” suppliers and sources I should first consider? I do have some questions specific to this model and year that I haven’t yet been able to find by browsing and such: - It’s still 6 volt, tho it is currently negative ground. I’ve read these were positive ground systems. Is it common for the ground to be reversed? I know I have some wiring issues to sort out as the brake lights are not working and the turn signals (aftermarket switch) also do not work. - Mine has heater and air controls under the dash, but there doesn’t appear to be the heating and fan “unit” under the passenger side dash that I’ve seen pictured. I’ve attached pics of the dash area and under the hood for reference. Any insight would be appreciated. - The wipers don’t appear to be functioning. Is it common for folks to replace with electric? Thanks for any insights shared! Tony
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