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  1. Where are you guys mounting your GM or Jeep Split system master cylinders for your 4 wheel disc set ups ? On the firewall with a Vac Booster or unboosted under the floor on original position ? Hmm maybe a dual diaphragm 7" booster will fit under the floor ?? Im thinking about a DCM disc conversion for the front of my '49 Ute & they state they work fine with original MC , but Im also thinking of swapping a Jeep XJ rear end into mine as my rear drums are skimmed beyond safe limits , XJ Drum rear ends are getting a little hard to find so perhaps I should go a disc YJ back end , but no way I'll be putting the Master cylinder on the firewall.
  2. Very interesting & cool conversion, I didn't realise the Dodge bypass filter were no longer avaliable, Anyone remember the old Frantz bypass filter that used a toilet roll as the filter media, I wonder if you could modify the Dodge housing to accept a toilet roll ? The LandRover Discovery2 Td5 uses a spin on full flow filter as well as a centrifuge bypass filter ( part number ERR6299 ). I'm pretty sure you machine up an adaptor to accept the centrifuge filter that would fit inside the original Dodge bypass housing . The filter is quite small, about 3" diam & 2" high , but very efficient , it spins at about 30,000 RPM by the action of the drain oil being ejected at angle via small jets. It would be a cool mod as when you shut the engine down you can hear the filter slowing down for about 5 seconds, sounding like a turbine slowing down.
  3. Anxious wait while our new Dodge delivery is completed. Bought sight unseen from a FaceBook Marketplace sale notice , Travelled 1700km via Webtow, http://www.webtow.com.au Can't be happier, non runner but way better than expected. Original books and paperwork included , receipts showing 4 previous owners. Toyed with the idea of converting it to EV , but its too damn good, going to bring back to new .
  4. Good pickup, I chose the J1772 because I did most of my research at diyelectriccar.com which is USA centric , and yes it seemed to be the standard at the time. There is no standard in Australia & we are a shambles here & just tagging along behind the rest of world. TBH I could have used a Caravan / RV power inlet as I mostly charge it via my 15A welder outlet in the shed. I did buy a $350 adaptor that allows me to charge for free at a 'Tesla Destination Charger' Incase I get caught out too far from home , have not needed it yet.
  5. I'm pretty sure my Dodge will stay a Flathead 6 unless its a basket case, its been sitting in a barn since 1995 with the head bolts undone. I wont get a chance to look at it for several weeks. Having said that, having converted the LandRover to EV the Dodge would be a no brainer , we have access to better cheaper motors and improved batteries just 2 years on, the tech is improving fast.
  6. Talking of Speed Week , when I went to get my EV LandRover engineering certified for road use the test driver was one & the same Lionel West of Bronze Aussie fame , he owns & drives the Worlds Fastest 4 door sedan at Australias version of Speed Week https://www.bronzeaussie300mph.com . Lionel said it wont be long till the Electrics start taking the records like they have at Pikes Peak.
  7. Electric Conversions are more of a thing now that salvage Tesla and Nissan Leaf parts are becoming avaliable . Tesla motors can be reconfiguired to replace a conventional Engine & transmission https://www.electricenvy.com/?fbclid=IwAR2tA7oifTGuDk9ihTCroLZVIAcYObtYM7QOfzZk_FbPxLIEFGtzaM5J4z8 I have converted my 1973 LandRover to EV and is a huge success, done 8700km over the last 2 years, now 100% reliable and outperforms gas in every way. The value Regenerative braking alone is worth it. for those interested the build is here http://goingbush.com/ptev.html Im so happy with it I'm considering converting our otherwise original '49 Pilothouse . I know a guy in NZ is also converting a '41 WC12 to EV.
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