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  1. I use 92 or 93 octane with no issue. I've never used additives even when I was racing professionally.
  2. Thanks guys. Its been years since I've had to deal with a distributor with points. My first car was a 1965 VW Bug, it gave me lots of enjoyment, and a crash course in auto repair/maintenance. I have eliminated the back firing. I found a loose distributor rotor. Apparently, the previous owner installed an incorrect one. I was able to do a temporary fix by bending the metal tab at the bottom of the rotor. Now it no longer has any back and forth play while on the shaft. I still have the hesitation on right turns and now found that if I floor the accelerator that same hesitation is created. I have changed the inline fuel filter before the pump with a small improvement. I'm thinking fuel pump but will try the float adjustment and check fuel pressure prior to beginning that change.
  3. I have an issue of sputtering/hesitation and what feels like "running out of gas" every time I make a right turn. When I bought the car it would backfire several times and was a little difficult to drive. Once I had the Carburetor rebuilt, it drove significantly better. I was delighted that the fuel issue was eliminated after the rebuild, or so I thought. About the 5th to 7th time driving it, I began to notice sputtering and hesitation on right turns. I tried to duplicate the problem on left handed turns but had no success. However when it comes to right turns, its like clockwork. Last night, while driving straight, pulling away from a traffic light, it backfired badly and blew the muffler out. I'm assuming this is a fuel issue and the best thing is to take it back to the gentleman that rebuilt the carburetor. However, prior to doing so, I wanted to obtain more information and educate myself a little from the all the experienced folks within this forum. Things like incorrect float adjustment, something vibrating loose, poorly tightened screws, etc. or am I way off?
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