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  1. 800 miles? No issues no problems for the Meadowbrook. Still points condenser 6v pos ground just like the old days. Thanks for the help. Was a great trip.
  2. Great point, never thought of that! Clever.
  3. Adjust the distributer to the highest vacuum? Tighten it down then good to go?
  4. Thanks, it only occurs sometimes at idle , but when I increase rpms it goes away. Have not done a compression test. Off topic but, should I adjust my timing via a timing light or vacuum gauge?
  5. What’s your all’s thoughts on my valves? You think they may be sticking if they only click at idle sometimes?
  6. Will be going through western Kansas through Kansas City then through Missouri and ending up in St. Louis
  7. Sure am excited yet anxious at the same time.
  8. Hello, I want to drive my Meadowbrook a total of 800 miles this weekend. But need some advice on how to get it ready. I daily drive this car and trust it no doubt I preformed a valve adjustment per manual .008 intake and .010 exhaust hot. I have done many valve adjustments on these flatheads so this one was a walk in the park. when engine warms up I am idling at about 450 rpm a significant tick. As soon as I touch the gas/ higher rpms the tick goes away. I have also concluded that it happens sparingly. went back and checked all my clearanc
  9. While I look down carb throat immediately after I shut down I see vapor with the throttle closed. My oil smells normal with no gas smell.
  10. I have not modified the fuel system at all.
  11. I have pin pointed my backfire/popping noise is coming from my road draft tube when I start the car/once it’s running few seconds it pops then runs fine after it’s little hiccup. Is there something clogged in there? I have stuck my hand underneath and can definitely feel the movement of air coming out when it pops.
  12. I have used corn head grease for the past 2 years on my car. Used to use it In leaky gearboxes back on the farm. John Deere. Good stuff. No leaks. Cant tell a difference in steering from switching oil to grease.
  13. Sisson automatic choke is completely open and works properly. 1/4-1/2 open on the gas when I got hot start
  14. yes you heard correct. After a hot start it’s either immediately after turn the key, or about 3 seconds after it’s running, it then surges and runs rough until I give it gas then idles fine.
  15. https://youtube.com/shorts/zrQceFeTwKY?feature=share
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