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  1. I put a 1959 283 Corvette motor and 350 Trans, in my 1946 Plymouth Coupe and did not have to do any thing to firewall and have a 1978 rear steer Mustang 2 rack and pinon,Now when you get to the inside floor hump that's when the fab, work starts and lots of it and i bought a motor mount and trans, mount and bolt in floor to work with small block Chevy from Butches Cool Stuff and should have just let the money blow in the air,would have saved $100s by going to scarp yard and cut a floor hump from junk car would have been faster and not one thing fit like they say,And i end up hiring a friend help that is a master car builder and has had lots of cars he built from ground up in hot rod magazines so good luck.
  2. Thank you.What Chevy rear end would work with the 283 Chevy motor and 350 Trans,Thank you for the help.
  3. Hi i have 1946 Plymouth Coupe with 283 Chevy motor and 350 trans. What rear end will work best and from what year and make of car or truck Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi i have a 1946 Plymouth coupe and have a 283 motor in it and want to put manual rack and pinion on it can this be done and what rack would i use and any where that sell kits Thank you.
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