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  1. A couple of recent listings in my area. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/yuma-1947-chrysler/7030122820.html https://sierravista.craigslist.org/cto/d/sierra-vista-1948-plymouth/7027586189.html
  2. VERY nice ride. I love the documentation that came with the car. Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
  3. Just popped up on CL here in Tucson. Needs engine among other things, but is only $1000.. https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1946-plymouth-special-deluxe/7026329372.html
  4. Located in New Mexico: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/estancia-1948-chrysler-new-yorker/7026183924.html When was the last time anyone saw one of these with the original interior? Good thing it's not local, otherwise I'd have to go and get it...….
  5. Still here, but progress has been a little slow on the '47 due to other chores around the house and yard that needed to get done. I have had time to buy some more goodies, and during the holiday break from work am planning on starting some maintenance and wiring in preparation for attempting to get the engine started. Here are some pictures of some recently acquired goodies, as well as a picture of the refinished battery tray holder and also a picture of my old '48 4-door that I wish I still had. The third picture is an empty battery case to hold an Optima 6V battery and the fifth picture are new battery and starter cables I purchased.
  6. OK. Since you guys posted pix, I couldn't resist. Here are some photos of the 48 Plymouth 4-Door Sedan I owned back in 1987. I really wish I still had it. I paid $1600 and drove it home. These photos represent pretty much the condition it was in when I purchased it.
  7. The interior of that Plymouth looks original to me. It seems to have the correct brick color leatherette trim and seat cloth. Looks like a well kept original survivor from the photos posted so far. If the rest of the car is in similar condition, I think it's a pretty fair deal.
  8. If it's a running, driving car with a clean title, and it looks good in person, I'd seriously consider it for that money. It looks pretty good from the photo. The fact that it has suicide doors is a definite plus from a value standpoint. I personally don't think too much about resale value, though you don't want to seriously overspend when purchasing. I'm in it for the enjoyment having a classic car brings. 7K is not really a lot of money any way you look at it. If you like it, go for it.
  9. I went to the Westach site and found a couple of possible part numbers, but I'm not sure what the difference is between a couple of them. Also not sure if I should be looking at a 3500RPM tach or a 5000RPM tach. The first one is easy: 2CT33-6V is a 2-inch single tach, 3500RPM, pos or neg 6V. There is a photo so it's easy to see what it is. The next two part numbers are not quite a clear, as there are no photos of either one: 3CT-53-6V is a 3-inch tach, 5000RPM, pos or neg 6V. No photo. 3CT-53-2-6V is also a 3-inch tach, 5000RPM, pos or neg 6V. No photo either. Is this a dual version of the 3CT-53-6V, or is it just programmable for 3cyl and 6cyl engines? Any guidance would be appreciated. ☺️
  10. A lot of the old car clocks have springs that are wound up automatically by a small solenoid that kicks in 6V momentarily when the spring has run down and rewinds the spring. There is sometimes a fusible link that goes open circuit and causes the clock to stop running, and sometimes the solenoid contact just gets oxidized with age. I'd look at those things before considering a replacement movement.
  11. Missing drive train but otherwise looks complete. I don't see this body style very often. https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1951-plymouth-concord-deluxe/7015941576.html
  12. That's pretty neat. I think that's the first Motorola one I've seen. Most of them are Philco Model 802's
  13. Looks like the 3 window Dodge coupe got sold. I figured that at some point someone would jump on that one. Hope the buyer finds this site......
  14. Nice looking car! Congratulations.
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