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  1. Looks like a real nice, solid car. A bit of cleaning, polishing and wax will probably make that baby look great. Good luck with your resurrection!
  2. Looks like a pretty nice survivor. Listed on Phoenix CL, but located just south of Tucson. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/green-valley-1937-plymouth-coupe/7119562300.html I'm partial to P15's, but would consider this one if I didn't already have my '47.
  3. I just ordered one from him last week. I'll let you know when it comes in.
  4. A bit of a project. https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1941-plymouth-business-coupe/7117301578.html
  5. This is Mopar country. Get the children, Fords and Chevys off the streets......😈
  6. It's been a while since I've been in a theater as well. Back when I has a kid, you could go to the local movie theater on Saturday afternoon and see a double feature for $0.25 for a regular seat and $0.35 for a loge. Extra credit....who remembers what a loge was?
  7. You haven't seen any of the "Alien" series with Sigourney Weaver? "The Thing" came out in the early '80s and eventually became a cult-classic along with several other John Carpenter movies including "They Live" and "Escape from New York" "The Green Mile" stars Tom Hanks and is based on a Stephen King novel that came out a little over 20 years ago. Indeed, must be a generation gap 🙂
  8. Since many of us will be spending a bit more time at home, I thought I'd start a thread where folks could list their 5 favorite movies. I'll start with mine, though I really have more than 5.....a somewhat eclectic list. In no particular order: The Green Mile A Dog's Purpose The Thing (the John Carpenter version from 1981 or 1982) How to Train Your Dragon Aliens (the second one....game over, man, game over!)
  9. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/d/goodyear-1949-chrysler-newyorker/7092566667.html Drop dead gorgeous interior. Seller claims 18K original miles and all original.
  10. I like the 41 Plymouth coupe and the 46-48 Dodge 4 door sedan. I guess I'm partial to the '40's designs...….
  11. A lot depends on your location and the time of the year. We're coming up on "car show season" so you might want to keep at it for a bit. $4K sounds reasonable to me, too. The problem with CL is you're pretty much locked in to the local market, so the potential buyer pool is much smaller. The key to generating interest on a CL ad is to take a lot of good, hi-res pictures, and make sure you show the front, rear, sides, interior, dash, trunk, engine bay and (if possible) the undercarriage. If you have a CL account, they let you post a lot of pictures in your ad. Try to make the car show well. Park it in front of your house on the street....not in your back yard. Better yet, take it to your local city park and take photos in front of a good scenic view, if possible. Make sure it's washed and clean. Describe as much of the car in the ad as possible. If it runs and drives and is currently registered and used regularly, say so. If it has a clean title, say so. Finally, be prepared to negotiate. You likely won't get whatever your asking price is as potential buyers always want to negotiate. Start a bit high and you can go down from there. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Thanks guys. I ended up buying a bunch of these on the Bay and they look like they'll fit well.
  13. hi_volt

    VW owners

    I've owned quite a few over the past 46 years. Right now, I have a 61 Bus (Camper), a 71 Bus (Bay window Kombi) and a 76 Beetle. In the past, I've owned the following, in chronological order: 1969 Type 3 Fastback 1976 Beetle (purchased brand new in '76) 1962 Splitty Bus 1961 Splitty Bus 1971 Bay Window Bus 1965 Splitty Bus 1964 Type 34 Ghia 1974 Karmann Ghia 1976 Beetle (a different one) 1968 Type 3 Fastback 1961 Splitty Bus (a different one....this is the camper I still own). 1965 Type 34 Ghia 2000 New Beetle 1974 Karmann Ghia (a different one) 1966 Type 3 Fastback 1971 Bus (a different one. I still have it) 1976 Beetle (my third one....I still have this one too) I think that's all of them.
  14. I like that idea. I'll need to look more closely at mine to see if they are just faded or if the plastic is rotten. Mine are practically white from sitting in the Arizona sun for 10 years. If the plastic is OK, that's probably the best solution.
  15. I've searched various sources to find a replacement set of tail light reflectors for my 47 Business Coupe, but have been unsuccessful. Has anyone found a source for these? Thanks!
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