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  1. I love the colors in this photo! Definitely qualities resembling film. This would actually make an awesome poster!
  2. Must have been quite an event! I have a 2000 chevy malibu with scratches on the trunk lid because my grandpa backed into it with a combine the fins on the back were just the right height and all that happened were the minor scratches and the antenna being snapped off.
  3. A 1942 DeSoto would be pretty amazing. I'd also enjoy have a '39 Plymouth - four door. Oh, maybe a '38 Plymouth with suicide doors. I just think a Plymouth is the right size car for me overall. A Plymouth or Dodge truck from the 1930s would be really fun to have too.
  4. I'm so glad you can enjoy your Dodge into late November! With three snowstorms in central MN already by Plymouth is tucked away in the barn... My Mercury is more the condition of the Meadowbrook, but really your car is nicer. Since you drive it year-round, maybe I should follow your lead?!
  5. You’re fortunate you didn’t get the foot and a half of snow last week that we did... it still hasn’t completely melted 😩
  6. Keith, I wish I could hang out in your garage while you're working on all of this! Ideally I would pull the engine on my 49 to work it over. Unfortunately, I don't have the heated space to do this and I don't have anyone locally to guide me through the process. I'll just have to watch your process from afar. Thanks for all the great videos and information.
  7. Had a dusting of snow in Central Minnesota on Friday morning and expecting inches on Wednesday with more storms after... Winter (whoops) came early this year... ick.
  8. I'm really glad that you're able to enjoy the car with your family again!
  9. It always makes me happy when I remember I drove one of the old cars during my work day. Even better when I walk out and get to drive it home.
  10. I wish this was an option, but the '49 doesn't have a glove box behind the steering wheel - ha!
  11. Headed into work this morning. I like how the rising sun illuminates our water tower this time of year.
  12. Awesome! Welcome. This forum will be a great resource and you'll probably spend too much time on here. The fact you could drive the car home says a lot. Share more photos when you have time - we love photos just as much as conversation.
  13. I really have nothing to say on this topic other than my 52 Merc. originally had red wheels with the dark green body and that is what they still are. The pain is very faded and you can hardly see them with the full wheel covers on.
  14. My mom wanted to go for a fall Sunday drive so we all piled in my '49 for what turned out to be a 45 mile drive around the countryside. Perfect autumnal weather here in central MN right now! Too some photos of the car on film, but will have to post those later.
  15. I don't leave any black clouds of smoke behind me, but there is a nice patch of black laid down behind the exhaust pipe on the cement floor - ha! My 52 Mercury started that when I had it parked in the same stall.
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