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  1. Yes, definitely! I can say for sure that most of the paved roads in our area were dirt. My grandpa is 86 and remembers when they were built up in the 1940s, but were still only gravel. The man that had my ‘49 Plymouth had bought it since he had one when he was dating/first married. I understand he died 18 or so years ago - I bought the car from his son who is in his 50s. Thanks for sharing the photos and thoughts. I love seeing your Dodge!
  2. Gorgeous shot! I had to go out to the barn last weekend to make sure that my Plymouth was still there. Still there and now evidence of mice having moved in. We're in for a big snowstorm here in the upper midwest. Is it April yet?! HA!
  3. I won't take my Plymouth out with the snow/salt season setting it, but I'm not opposed to driving my Mercury being it does have some rust and is not perfect. If you're driving your Dodge in the snow I should take my car out too!
  4. Fantastic car! Enjoy and share your progress!
  5. All good stuff, Keith! I dropped the transmission from my '61 Falcon while in high school and that was with the car up on blocks out in the yard! Probably not very safe now that I say it...
  6. Very nice Keith! My Plymouth got tucked in for the winter last night. We are expecting a snowstorm tonight and another Friday through the weekend.... I calculated 1304 miles put on it since purchased in June. Not bad! It did burn/use 5-6 quarts of oil in that time though.
  7. It's so small/short! I wouldn't mind having a Plymouth of this era someday.
  8. Glad to hear you got to enjoy it! Continue doing so as long as you have it!!
  9. I did not check this. Thank you for the reminder to do so. Would both the Plymouth and Desoto have this adjustment? The Desoto has semi-automatic fluid drive.
  10. Yes, I would say they probably had been sitting for at least a couple of weeks. Will have to try this.
  11. They are both electric chokes. I'll have to check this. I kind of wish the manual chokes would have been left on these cars even though the technology was supposed to have been improved.
  12. I will need to check the spark plugs - I didn't dig that far in last weekend. The choke seems to be working properly on the Desoto - it was closed when I removed the air cleaner to check. I will have to check this on the Plymouth. Thanks for the suggestions.
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