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  1. Seeing stop lights isn’t too much of an issue, but it does hinder the field of view if I pull too far forward. I need to try using a stop light viewing prism.
  2. I’m sorry, but I bought the car with the visor already attached. I do think they are rivets.
  3. I am posting what my car has below. At highway speed (55) I notice it moves very slightly.
  4. This is a great video! I've watched it a few times since getting my '49 Plymouth this summer. Historically the '49 Ford was not a good car and the '50 Ford slogan was something along the lines of "50 improvements for 1950". A few years ago I was pining after a 1950 Ford, but am glad I ended up not getting it and purchasing a '49 Plymouth this past June. Having driven two different '49 Plymouths well over 1000 miles this year I have found them to be very reliable cars and very fine automobiles!
  5. I'm well aware of how a screen door spring works 🤣 I'm just wondering what it has to do with this project.
  6. It's good to feel accomplishments! What is the spring for exactly?
  7. I was wondering how much snow you got down there, but assumed you'd still have the car out! Glad to see it!
  8. I feel a lot of the same sentiments, Keith. Since I don't have a heated place to work on my Plymouth it will just get to spend the winter in the barn away from the elements. It doesn't really need anything mechanically that I know of right now - at least nothing that I can tackle. I'll have to enjoy the different threads and questions on this forum for a few months. We will be down in the teens here in MN by next Monday which is unusually cold for this time of year and we don't even have snow on the ground yet! I'll probably take my Plymouth to work a few more times (hopefully) I'm not ready to store it just yet! Thanks for sharing your cars with us! It will be fun to see what you do with your '38 over the course of winter.
  9. I have thought about this with my '49 P18 too. Being it saw so few miles in the past 30 years mine had to have spent much of its time in storage which is kind of sad to me. I've enjoyed having it out on the road quite a bit since I got it road worthy this summer. Someone commented to me over the weekend how they enjoy the fact that I actually drive the car. (He has a '51 Buick) My response was something like "if we don't drive them, then what's the point?!" It is better for the cars mechanically and physically for them to be driven! Obviously the proper maintenance and discretion is warranted. The main thing is that we enjoy them while we have them right?!
  10. These cars look right at home!
  11. Enjoyed a couple more hours in the Plymouth today! Here is the car before leaving for home after church.
  12. You should do a series of seasonal shots with your Meadowbrook in this location - it's so idyllic and nostalgic!
  13. I would definitely replace the coil. That solved a similar issue on my '49 Plymouth. As far as I could tell the coil that was on the car when I bought it was original.
  14. Keith, I really have enjoyed having this car the last few months. I've added about 1000 miles to the odometer since June. Yes, it must burn some oil as I've probably added 2-3 quarts since changing oil right after I bought it, but if that's what I need to do them I will, for now. The 48000 miles is believed to be original and if the sticker on the door is accurate it hadn't had 2000 miles put on it since 1986! She's a great little car and I have to agree with everything you noted - the split windshield, peaking under the visor, etc. Remember? "Plymouth Builds Great Cars"! Enjoy your ride today! I'll have to take the long way home after work.
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