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  1. I did not check this. Thank you for the reminder to do so. Would both the Plymouth and Desoto have this adjustment? The Desoto has semi-automatic fluid drive.
  2. Yes, I would say they probably had been sitting for at least a couple of weeks. Will have to try this.
  3. They are both electric chokes. I'll have to check this. I kind of wish the manual chokes would have been left on these cars even though the technology was supposed to have been improved.
  4. I will need to check the spark plugs - I didn't dig that far in last weekend. The choke seems to be working properly on the Desoto - it was closed when I removed the air cleaner to check. I will have to check this on the Plymouth. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. I am asking this to try and help my neighbor. He has a '49 Plymouth and '51 Desoto. I changed oil for him back in October and used 40w oil since the cars were both using oil and it was recommended I try a heavier oil. Now that the temps are down in the 30/40 degree range in MN the cars will not start. They both turn over fine on the 6 volt system. The Desoto doesn't seem to fire at all, but I can see gas at the carb base and the choke is working. The Plymouth did try firing a couple of times, but wouldn't actually start. It was a little difficult to start back in October, but would eventually start with enough pumping of the accelerator. Both cars have been running and starting very well until now. I suspect a weak spark. My '49 Plymouth is 12 volt and starts very well even in the colder weather. My '52 Mercury is 6 volt, but started right up when I wanted to drive it last weekend after sitting for quite some time. How can I try to help him out? Thanks!
  6. My neighbor's '49 has an Overdrive in it, but it doesn't not currently work. I know the kick down switch is mounted on the carb. Maybe I can get a photo.
  7. Quick drive after work. Gets dark early now!
  8. Nice to see it running and moving on its own! DOT3 is what is in my '49 P18.
  9. Seeing stop lights isn’t too much of an issue, but it does hinder the field of view if I pull too far forward. I need to try using a stop light viewing prism.
  10. I’m sorry, but I bought the car with the visor already attached. I do think they are rivets.
  11. I am posting what my car has below. At highway speed (55) I notice it moves very slightly.
  12. This is a great video! I've watched it a few times since getting my '49 Plymouth this summer. Historically the '49 Ford was not a good car and the '50 Ford slogan was something along the lines of "50 improvements for 1950". A few years ago I was pining after a 1950 Ford, but am glad I ended up not getting it and purchasing a '49 Plymouth this past June. Having driven two different '49 Plymouths well over 1000 miles this year I have found them to be very reliable cars and very fine automobiles!
  13. I'm well aware of how a screen door spring works 🤣 I'm just wondering what it has to do with this project.
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