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  1. I can see how fast you could do that swap lots of room and very simplistic wiring. That's why I love these old cars or any old piece of equipment or automobile. It's easy to trouble shoot and easy to fix.
  2. I guess it is a P9 by the last pic I posted. It was in a '47 I sold, surprised it's a 1940 model year.
  3. Got this extra flattie I dont need, what's it worth and what is it exactly.
  4. Here's the current rims, not sure what there off of.
  5. Glad to know, well I have 3 10" caps need 1 more. Does anyone need a 9 incher ?
  6. I see, never heard them called poverty caps, lol.
  7. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm gonna try to weld or bolt some clips on the wheels I have. I also noticed the 3 hub caps I have are the same diameter, the 3rd one is smaller. Might need to trade for one, I'll try to post some pics. Nik
  8. I am ready to get new rims and tires for my 47. I want to use the original hub caps if possible. I also want to spend minimal on the wheels since it's just a driver and nothing fancy. Was either gonna weld clips on some existing rims, but worried about them being out of balance then. Any ideas ?? Thanks, Nik
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