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  1. Looks pretty good to me.. Wonder how they hold up to the elements???
  2. Put a sbc in and disguise it as a poly head....
  3. I put a sbc dressed to look like a poly head 318 in my 53 Ply. coupe...
  4. The trunk mat looks like new...
  5. Thanks mrwrstory.. Don't have much more to show except how nice the interior is on this 26,000 mile coupe.. I did find a 54 automatic column indicator for my 3 spd column.. The paint isn't even wore off the steering wheel....
  6. If the tires say tube type, I would run tubes..
  7. I just made a straight box tubing trans mount.. No pics.. The good thing about the motor mounts are the engine mount part has 4 holes that can be trim to what you need.. I offset the engine about 3/4 inch to passenger side...
  8. Good clearance for stock steering box and to run crossover pipe in front of box...
  9. I also notch front crossmember for damper and fuel pump...
  10. Both exhaust manifolds are 1955/56 265 Chevy.. I made a crossover pipe for a single exhaust.. Motor mounts are Trans Dapt Performance 4100 for mounting a sbc into a Jeep.. Here are a couple pics....
  11. Yes, dressed up to look like a Mopar engine....
  12. 1953 and 1954 were just about the same.. Sorry for the double post, don't know how to remove.....
  13. It's first bath since over a 30 year storage....
  14. It's first bath since over a 30 year storage....
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