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  1. Rubber brake hoses could be partially plugged on the inside or the hose could be collapsing.. Master is strong enough to push fluid through but spring not strong enough to pull/push fluid back through towards master... Just a guess and only if you didn't replace the hoses.....
  2. Can't wait to see the build.. I just got my v8ed 53 Plymouth on the road.. Who knows, maybe 53/54s are the new go to hot rods..... I used a Ford Ranger rear end in mine...
  3. Radio delete in picture above and not sure what engine code your talking about.. It's a Chevy 350/350 combo.. Stock column and shifter made to work with the TH350 automatic.. I did add a "P" to the "PowerFlite" indicator also seen in picture above..... If you're talking about the original engine, it's long gone so I don't have that info.....
  4. Here's some before and during clean up pics...
  5. Pflaming, no problem, it's all good discussion.. It rides and well.. Brakes are rebuilt original and stops well.. I used the stock rims with 225/75R15s in back and 165/80R15s in front and steers very well.. I bought an automatic column indicator off eBay and used the original 3 spd shifter for the automatic..
  6. "Pflaming", I believe I would put that one back on the road....
  7. I'll trade you my coupe for a Ute....
  8. RobertKB, that's a beautiful 53.. Are those the original wheel covers?? I like those better than the original ones on my 53....
  9. I was not trying to fool anybody, just thought it would be fun to make it look like an old "saw tooth" motor....
  10. I'm sorry but I was married in 1973 and am still with her but many, I mean many cars have come and gone....
  11. Guys, guys, I thought you might remember from my original thread, Not really a Polly but a disguised sbc... Sorry if I offended.. I guess now the hate starts... It actually is sbc, turbo 350 with ford Ranger rear end.. Ford Aerostar van front springs with one coil cut, new wiring harness, 12v, new front original brakes with swing pedal and a few other modifications.. Moderators can delete if inappropriate subject matter... 1938 Ford standard in the garage....
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